Nature’s Rite – 10+ Years of Natural Health Products

October 2021

Nature’s Rite has been producing some of the most un-usual and effective natural health products for more than 10 years.  They offer products for food poisoning, muscle and back aches, skin problems and even respiratory infections.  While these products address a broad range of ailments, the product that started the company and that still out-sells everything else is their product that relieves Sleep Apnea.  We asked Mr. Frank, the herbalist at Nature’s Rite, why it is that this product is so popular.  “Well… it’s popular because most people would rather take a pill before bed than sleep with a mechanical contraption on their face!”  Mr. Frank said with a chuckle.  He continued, “But I can tell you this… it wouldn’t sell so well if it didn’t work so well!  We see return customers buying 6 to 12 bottles at a time.  Personally, I can’t sleep with a CPAP, so I have used this product for 16 years.”

While it is widely presented that there are two types of sleep apnea (obstructive and central) we were interested in just how the Nature’s Rite product would deal with this.  As we posed this question to Mr. Frank, we were quite intrigued by his response: “That is a question that I often hear, and I would like to begin by stating that my research shows very clearly that central sleep apnea is the predominant condition and that the obstruction is only an exacerbating condition.” He continued, “When we increase the signal from the brain to the diaphragm with our Sleep Apnea Relief, we find that the breathing doesn’t stop and so, the sagging soft-pallet is not sucked into the airway.  Hence, no sleep disturbance.”

As it turns out, Mr. Frank suffers from sleep apnea and had previously studied sleep and dreaming.  He studied the problem and was able to try various remedies first-hand.  “The first time that I tried this combination of herbs, I was having terrible apnea and hadn’t slept more than 90 seconds at a time in three days.  I took the herbs before bed and didn’t wake up until the next morning.  To say that I was relieved is quite an understatement.  I was THRILLED!”  Being the scientist that he is, Mr. Frank did NOT take the herbs the next night for verification.  He reported that at 4:00 am after snorting himself awake every 90 seconds… he broke down and took them.  “I know that I ruined the experiment, but at that point it was clear that they had worked, and I was very, very tired.  I fell asleep within 20 minutes and didn’t awake until the alarm sounded. … A miracle.”  “At that point,” he recalled, “I realized that I would never have to wear a CPAP again.”

Since that night, more than 15 years ago, Mr. Frank has patented the formula, started Nature’s Rite, and introduced a couple of dozen other products.  We asked him why this turned into such a huge assortment of products.  “I make these products for myself and my friends.  I address all the issues that come up in our quest to stay healthy.  I make them for my friends, but I’m happy to share them with everyone.”

The products that Mr. Frank has designed are sold through Nature’s Rite, LLC.  They can be found at  Additional information about the products can be found at an information-only site or by purchasing the book of the same name.