Michelin Introduces New Regional X One Trailer Tire

July 2021

GREENVILLE, SC…  Michelin North America, Inc., is launching the MICHELIN® X One® Multi T tire for fleets that want to get the most out of their trailer asset. Launching for the North American regional market, the tire is designed for high-scrub, weight-sensitive applications. The X One Multi T is available for spread and multi-axle trailer fitment configurations.

“This new MICHELIN X One Multi T is the trailer-tire solution for weight savings and scrub resistance,” said Adam Murphy, vice president, B2B marketing, Michelin North America. “The deeper tread helps provide superior tread life to keep cargo rolling and delivering profits.”

The X One Multi T tire is targeted for weight-sensitive applications such as flatbed and tanker segments. As a wide base single configuration, it enables a tractor trailer to carry up to 289 more pounds of payload vs dual tires1. The dual-compound tread resists scrub and a cooler internal layer helps maximize casing life. The directional tread design incorporates matrix siping and micro-sipes to reduce irregular wear. Variable groove walls partnered with groove bottom protectors provide improved resistance to stone drilling. Curb guards provide sidewall protection. The MICHELIN X One Multi T tire is available in a 445/50R22.5 tire size.

Providing maximum satisfaction, the X One Multi T tire comes with a mileage performance promise.