Meet Trucking Youtuber, "SuperTruckerDan"

Steve Pollock
May 2024

LOUISVILLE, KY… Dan Watson, aka "SuperTruckerDan", became a professional truck driver in 1992, right after he finished serving in the United States Army. Dan enjoyed trucking, so in 2001, decided to take the next step and become an owner operator. He bought a J.B. Hunt cabover, which he leased to a household goods carrier and ran as a bed bugger. After 18 years of trucking household goods, Daniel was ready for another change. In 2010, Dan spoke to a Mercer owner-operator while on a trip to VA, and after that conversation, decided to lease on to Mercer Transportation. In 2011, Dan transitioned to flatbed work with Mercer and has been there ever since.

About 6 years ago, Dan was looking for a hobby and decided to start a YouTube channel. His goal was to simply show the general public what a day in the life of a professional truck driver was like. To give them an understanding of life on the road and to project a positive image for the trucking industry. To start, Dan needed a login name.  "TruckerDan" was already taken, so he chose "SuperTruckerDan".  And the rest, as they say, is history! Dan has since posted over 700 videos and accumulated more than 59,000 subscribers.

Followers of "SuperTruckerDan" appreciate his relatable, down-to-earth attitude, but his 3-year-old Corgi, Bailey is also a fan favorite. Dan said, “I'm sharing the things I love. I enjoy driving and taking care of my truck, and Bailey is my stress reliever and companion".

Dan spends about 3-4 hours on each of his videos, and he invites fellow drivers and anyone thinking about becoming a professional truck driver to watch his content. His purpose is not an instructional “how to” about trucking but simply providing a realistic window into “a day in the life of a trucker.” As for broader messages to the public, Dan would like to see the government earmark a portion of all highway funding for truck parking.

Dan has found that internet fame can come with some perks too! When Dan purchased his Dorsey trailer, he made a video about it. As fate would have it, a welder at Dorsey Trailers saw the video and passed it on to management. Before long, Dorsey had invited him on a factory tour and they became a sponsor of "SuperTruckerDan".

Dan does a lot of military moves and just about anything else he can put on his flatbed trailer. While Dan lives in Southern Arizona, he prefers to operate in a 600-mile radius of Mercer Headquarters in Louisville, KY. Dan said, "I like being leased to Mercer because I can operate my truck the way I want and get home whenever I want. Mercer takes care of all of the headaches for me, and are supportive of my Youtube hobby."

"SuperTruckerDan" can be found on YouTube at as well as Instagram and Facebook, just search for "SuperTruckerDan".