Leading Diesel Exhaust Fluid Bluedef Launches Small Business Stimulus Contest Offering A Year Supply Of Blue Def

August 2020

WHO: BlueDEF, the leading makers of diesel exhaust fluid in North America

WHAT: Over the course of the last few months, our county has experienced a significant economic downturn and faces challenges it’s never faced before. Amid the panic, America’s unsung heroes, truck drivers, keep working in full force to meet the needs of the American population.

BlueDEF is offering those heroes a chance to tell their story and win a year’s supply of BlueDEF to ease the financial burden of recent hardships and take one more worry off their shoulders as they continue to keep America moving.

HOW TO ENTER: Visit https://www.peakhd.com/bluedefstimulus/. To qualify for the prize a company must meet all the following basic criteria:

* Fleet Size: A minimum of 1 with a maximum of 20 total vehicles.

*  Small Business: Defined as a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 50 employees

* Operate class 3 to class 8 vehicles

* Freight Type: Any type of delivery service that meets the above criteria qualifies for entry.