LCS “Windmaster” – LOOKS GREAT While Saving You Fuel

Steve Pollock
July 2020

BUFFALO, NY…. In the old days, Aerodynamics for flatbed trailers was something that truckers rarely considered. There just wasn’t a way for flatbeds to be Aerodynamic with tarp loads of all different shapes & sizes.  In the 70’s when Side Kits came into existence it did help some, but protruding posts and fitted tarps would still grab wind and cause drag.  Today, everything has changed!  The 1st most important thing to understand is Aerodynamic software has become so sophisticated in today’s world of technology Wind Drag Reduction & Fuel Economy can be Controlled & Engineered into each Truck, Trailer & Tarping System to provide the “Best Aerodynamics” before the product even hits the pavement. Load Covering Solutions Inc. of Buffalo, New York made a bold investment in 2014 to launch a series of “Patented” Aerodynamic Rolling Tarp Systems which is gaining widespread recognition, trademarked and sold as LCS - “Windmaster”. LCS has (3) prominent designs that North America is seeing emerge over USA Interstates. The “Windmaster” Slide Kit with its distinguishing front Bullet-like nose fairing is the only CFD tested Round (Dome) Roof Rolling Tarp System in existence, designed mostly for 6ft or larger coils and provides 11.8% reduction in wind drag of which 50% or 5.9% increase in fuel efficiency. 

 “Windmaster” GR8LOOK is our Aerodynamic version of a typical flat aluminum bulkhead (also available from LCS) but was designed to be three piece for easy replacement. Its upper nose and rounded side fairings provide a 5.17% reduction in wind drag and a 2.59% increase in fuel efficiency.  The metal insert front panel with man door is standard in mill finish aluminum but can be upgraded to polish aluminum, quilted or mirror stainless. 

The “Windmaster” SMARTLOOK Aerodynamic Rolling Tarp System is our Signature Flat Top system that is most commonly seen at 98” -102” Ht. and now our latest “High Hauler” is available from 103”-106”Ht. This full cavity fiberglass front was designed to optimize Aerodynamics by sitting ahead of the trailer front sill 20” narrowing the gap between truck and trailer. It provides 11.6% wind drag reduction or 5.73% better fuel efficiency over  a standard aluminum Bulkhead at 100” Ht.  The High Hauler at 106” ht. is 3.19% more efficient then a 100” Ht flat aluminum which is simply incredible. If the Aerodynamics don’t impress you, maybe having your Cargo Control Equipment stored in the “Windmaster” and off the deck of the trailer will. All LCS “Windmaster” Products are tested at 65 MPH in comparison to a flat aluminum bulkhead at 100” Ht. 

 In all, Load Covering Solutions offers 8 different models of rolling tarp systems, most of which are patented in the USA and Canada.  LCS has a large network of certified install centers to service the US Trucking Industry available in Buffalo, NY; Mantua, OH; Seymour, IN; Aurora, Ill; Saginaw, MI; Winchester, TN; Houston TX, Portland, OR; Denver, CO; Joplin, MO; Stuart, FL;   as well as many other locations. LCS is BIG on training fleets on how to install their own systems allowing them to be totally independent on aftermarket parts replacement, service and maintenance.

For forty-one years Load Covering Solutions has been manufacturing custom tarps.  Today, the company is a one-stop shop for all of your tarping needs.  Load Covering Solutions also offers custom graphics for their rolling tarp systems, tarp systems for open top trailers, as well as Cargo Control & Load Securement Accessories. Did you know LCS is the only USA manufacturer of Rolling Tarp Systems that designs and sells a full line of Hard Top / Soft Side European style Side Curtain Systems, popular in the building materials & construction industries?

If you are a lifetime flatbedder, don’t let the physical demands of tarping make you switch to pulling a van.  Save time and avoid handling heavy tarps with a “Windmaster” Rolling Tarp System.  The majority of work related injuries in the trucking industry occur while tarping or climbing (or falling) from the trailers.  Rotator cuff injuries are commonly associated with throwing tarps.

For additional information about the Windmaster Aerodynamic Rolling Tarp Solutions, contact Load Covering Solutions at 716-514-6419 or visit You can also email. [email protected]  and check out our expanding  line of Non-Semi Load Covers  for 10’-44ft Utility & Gooseneck Trailers at

Rolling tarp systems by Load Covering Solutions are available in the USA and Canada.