Larry Sillman Retires After 61 Years Of Trucking

Steve Pollock
September 2023

WEST MIDDLESEX, PA… Professional Truck Driver Larry Sillman announced his upcoming retirement from Jones Performance, effective this October 28th, on his 80th birthday.

Larry began his trucking career in 1962 when he joined the U.S. Army at the age of 17.  He was stationed in Southern France for 30 months where he drove about every kind of truck the Army had.  Larry would pick up equipment, including semis, buses, and other motor pool vehicles from the Port of Rotterdam, Holland and then transport them to wherever needed in Europe.  During his deployment he drove in five different countries.  When Larry returned to his home in Erie, Pennsylvania after his discharge in 1964, he got a job in a factory and was also employed part-time at a local trucking company , working the dock and driving at night.  In 1965 Larry became a full time driver and spent the next 25 years running local and OTR.  He has been a member of the Teamsters Union for 41 years and now receives a Teamsters pension.

Larry decided to retire in 2003, but he quickly got bored sitting around (and was driving his wife crazy), so he began driving part time for a variety of companies.  His friend Rudy Gillispi, who drove for Jones Performance in West Middlesex, Pennsylvania told Larry that the company was in need of another driver.  Larry went to work at Jones, where he has spent the past 11 years of his driving career.  Larry has enjoyed the work delivering truck hoods, bumpers, and fenders to points all over the country, primarily from Iowa and East.  He also drove Jones Performance’s show truck  Happer and Hoodlum to many industry truck shows. 

Larry said, “I have always enjoyed talking with people, especially when they want to look at my truck.”  As you can imagine, Larry got plenty of attention while driving the Jones Performance Show Trucks.  Jones Performance President Dave Jones had this to say about Larry, “Larry is a prince.  He is a full blown professional and an all-around good guy.  We never, ever had to worry when he was driving our truck.  We are sure going to miss him!”

Larry lives in Hadley, Pennsylvania with his wife of 58 years, Rhonda.  As for his retirement plans, he plans to take one day at a time, that is of course unless he gets on Rhonda’s nerves.