John. Brown Trucking Honors Safe Drivers

Steve Pollock
August 2020

PORTERSVILLE, PA… John Brown Trucking honored its Safe Drivers recently for their efforts towards safety and longevity in the employ of the company.  While the company normally holds a banquet for these outstanding individuals, the COVID-19 Pandemic prevented them from celebrating their achievements in public.  John Brown Trucking’s Professional Truck Drivers were given a cash award for their years of service to the company.

Bill Kerry from Portersville, Pennsylvania,  who has worked for John Brown Trucking for 40 years and has driven Millions of Safe Miles, was chosen as John Brown Trucking’s Driver of the Year.  The staff at also nominated him to their insurance carrier, DMC Insurance, who also chose Bill as their Driver of the Year from a field of 30 Professional Truck Drivers employed at various companies from around the region.    A small presentation ceremony was held by DMC Insurance at American Bulk Commodities’ Boardman, Ohio corporate offices.  

Bill was very humble about his achievements of being chosen twice as Driver of the Year.  He stated, “I just do my job as best as I can.  I like working at John Brown Trucking, they have good equipment that is well maintained.”  Bill pulls an end dump for the company and has earned numerous safety awards over the years.

The following drivers achieved cash awards for their longevity at John Brown Trucking:

3 Years - $60: Arthur Miller; Robert Robb; Dale Stevenson

4 Years - $70: Ronald Yockey; William Noland, Jr.

6 Years - $80: Richard Schaefer; Franklin Carnahan

8 Years - $200: Edward Rodemoyer

10 Years - $300: Mark Pacai

14 Years - $500: Drew Deck

15 Years - $550: Louis Werling

17 Years - $650: Eugene Courson, Jr.

18 Years - $700: Terry Scheidemantle; Merle Verner, Jr.; Michael Woods​

Congratulations to the Safe Drivers of John Brown Trucking – keep up the good work!

John Brown Trucking is a subsidiary of American Bulk Commodities, which also owns R&J Trucking of Boardman, Ohio and Southern Haulers of Calera, Alabama.  All three companies operate tri-axles, end dumps and roll-offs.