Jaro Transportation Saves Time And Money With Windmaster

Steve Pollock
October 2020

WARREN, OH…. Time is money in the transportation industry and Jaro Transportation of Warren, Ohio has been saving both with Load Covering Solutions Windmaster Series Tarping Systems.  The company has been using the systems for six years now with 58 units in the fleet, 34 on dropdeck trailers and 24 on 3 axle flats.  

The tarping systems are designed with an aerodynamic nose with a access door from the trucks deck plate to the trailer’s interior.  Stepdeck models are built in two pieces and both deploy to the front or rear of the trailer.  Jaro is especially pleased with the stepdeck models as they offer a lower profile than standard stepdeck coverings.

Tom Halula has been Director of Maintenance at Jaro for the past 14 years.  Tom said, “The Windmaster series of tarping systems requires very little maintenance.  The stainless wheels ride in a stainless insert that mounts to the outside of the rub rail.  About once a month we wipe them down with WD40 and they are good to go. Our drivers love the Windmaster units.  They save the drivers a lot of time and effort, which gives them a bit more driving time.  We pull our trailers with Freightliner Cascadia tractors spec’d with DD15 engines and DD12 automated transmissions.  Our heavy haul fleet is averaging 6.4 mpg.”

Jaro Transportation Services was founded in 1980. Today the company operates a fleet of over 250 tractor-trailers serving the aluminum and steel industries throughout the Northeast and Midwest.