Industry News Briefs Courtesy of PMTA

November 2016

FMCSA eyes rule to change clearance process for diabetic truckers

CCJ reports, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is seeking industry feedback on recommendations made by its Medical Review Board for a potential rulemaking that would allow drivers with insulin-treated diabetes mellitus (ITDM) to be qualified to drive commercial vehicles in interstate commerce.

FMCSA published a notice of proposed rulemaking in May 2015 that, if published as a Final Rule, would allow drivers with diabetes to obtain a Medical Examiner’s Certificate from a medical examiner at least once a year to operate in interstate commerce, as long as the diabetes is well-controlled and stable.

Under the current regulations, a driver with diabetes may not operate in interstate commerce unless he or she obtains an exemption from FMCSA, which must be renewed at least every two years. Read more at:

Pick-pocketing Pennsylvania drivers

Commonwealth officials would be wise to review a recent court ruling in NY, which could have implications across the border with PA Turnpike system and its tolls.

Last month, a federal court ruled the New York Thruway Authority cannot use tolls charged to truck drivers to fund the state’s canal system, which the truckers obviously are not using. The case was filed by the ATA, and bolstered by the ruling, the association will now survey other states to see if similar situations are present.

“The ruling should lead to a change in PA, where the commonwealth’s much-maligned Turnpike Comm. annually pays $450 million to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, monies used to fund public transportation in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Tolling is an issue that exploded in the Valley a decade ago when proposals were floated to toll Interstate 80, a request met with a loud and justified “no.” The proposal was wisely rejected three times by the Federal Highway Administration, most recently in 2010. In the 2010 rejection, the FHWA “declined to approve an application to place tolls on Interstate 80 because the application did not meet the federal requirement that toll revenues be used exclusively for the facility being tolled.”

Pennsylvania has to stop pick-pocketing motorists to pay for other resources struggling financially. It’s been going on for far too long already.