Steve Pollock
October 2023

WEST MIDDLESEX, PA…. “Happer” is a 1996 Kenworth W900L owned by Jones Performance Products, premier manufacturer of stock and custom semi-truck hoods.  “Happer” is affectionately named after V.C. “Hap” Jones, who founded Jones Performance in 1978 and died in 2001. “Hap” loved to race, often racing 6 times a week and even racing in the Daytona 500 back in 1951.

“Happer” is a living legacy to “Hap” Jones.  It was reborn in 2004 with custom paint and graphics that includes the JP logo bursting through the checkered flag.  The truck was fitted with a Jones Performance W900L cowl inducted raptor hood.  In addition to hauling Jones Performance hoods all over the country, “Happer” has entertained the crowds at many truck shows, shooting flames from its smokestacks after dark.  Drivers were the late Rudy Gillispi, and soon to retire Larry Sillman and  is still driven by Bob Taylor.

Jones Performance Products continues to be owned and operated by the Jones family.