Go Green and Save with The Green Oil System Pittsburgh, PA

March 2023

Imagine your engine running continuously on clean oil, as if you change your oil every day. Also imagine saving multiple oil changes a year while extending the life span of your engine. Imagination is now reality with the Conserver Green Oil System from Next Generation Filtration Systems. A solution to your sustainability needs

The Conserver® Green Oil System keeps your oil clean and free from contaminating water for hundreds of thousands of miles.  Removing moisture from the lubricating fluid will extend the life of the engine by as much as 3 to 5 times the normal engine life. The patented system is designed to keep the oil in new condition.

The Conserver® Green Oil System has been around for over a decade but is now becoming available to the trucking and heavy equipment industry. The unit works off the heat from the engine, much like how a catalytic converter works in today’s engines. The stated benefits of the system have been successfully validated by an independent third party testing company.  It dramatically reduces engine wear after hundreds of thousands of miles of hard use.

The Conserver® Green Oil System can be installed in about an hour on most engines. The system has no moving parts, and the only maintenance required is to change the micro glass filter every 2,000 hours or once a year, whichever comes first.

The Conserver® Green Oil System comes in several sizes to fit engines from most trucks to large industrial equipment. The Conserver Green Oil System works equally well on hydraulic equipment removing water and contaminants keeping hydraulic oil like new. 

The Conserver® Green Oil System is protected by worldwide patents and carries a transferable lifetime warranty.

So “Go Green” with the sustainable Conserver® Green Oil System. Help save the planet and save money for your company. Units are available through Wheeler Fleet Solutions. (866) 439-2329 or https://www.wheelerfleet.com

Green Oil System will be joining Wheeler Fleet Solutions at the Waste Expo 2023 in New Orleans, LA. We look forward to meeting you at the Wheeler booth #611

“Proudly Made In the USA”