Girl Scouts Partner with Mobility Companies to Provide STEM Education and Mentorship to Girls

November 2023

De Pere, WI,… Trucks Are for Girls, an recent event held on September 30th at Paper Transport in De Pere, Wisconsin, is designed to empower young girls to explore careers in both trucking and STEM moved forward at full speed.  98 Girls Scouts were registed for the event.

The program reflects the commitment to fostering young girls’ curiosity and enthusiasm for the trucking industry and STEM fields. This event not only introduces them to exciting career prospects but also instills a sense of safety and responsibility around large trucks.  

“This remarkable event brings together leading organizations to introduce young Girl Scouts to the world of trucking and the exciting opportunities within STEM careers,” said Missy Brozek, Director, GSNWGL Neenah-Menasha Brand & Communications. “The partnership highlights the commitment of these organizations to encourage gender diversity and inclusivity within traditionally male-dominated sectors.”

Sponsored by Girl Scouts, Women in Trucking, Michelin North America, Inc. and Paper Transport, the event including a variety of opportunities for young girls to explore, featuring:

* Hands-on Learning: Engage in interactive and hands-on activities related to the supply chain, providing valuable insights into the industry's operations.

* Industry Insights: Esteemed female leaders from the trucking industry will share their experiences, challenges, and successes, inspiring young minds to envision themselves as future leaders.

* Exploration of Trucks: Participants can experience the inside of trucks, giving them a first-hand experience of the vehicles driving global commerce.

* Badge Programs: Paper Transport generously provided Girl Scout STEM badges, allowing each participating Girl Scout to earn a badge recognizing their achievements and skills in the field.

* Fun Patch and Food: Michelin graciously supported the event by providing all participants with a Women in Trucking Fun Patch. Additionally, Michelin supplied food for the event.

* Women In Trucking with Michelin – a lecture about women involved in the event and how Girl Scout cookies go through the transportation world – Q&A about Michelin at the end. The speaker was Jackie Greenberg (Michelin)

* Meet A Trucker & Truck Demo – a hands-on experience with two female drivers who work at Paper Transport demonstrating the inside and outside of a sleeper, tires, fifth wheel, and trailer. Speakers were Carla Steward (PTI) and Betsy Berrens (PTI)

* Keep On Truckin’ with Kristina – A game to demonstrate how delivering a load can have unexpected outcomes. The speaker was Kristina Deprey (PTI)

* Michelin Tires & Technology – a demonstration and lecture where Girl Scouts got to look hands-on at the different tires and match them up to what vehicles they could see daily (garbage truck, semi-truck, mail truck, etc.) The speakers were Leah Feig (Michelin) and Marco Holt (Michelin).

* Girl Scout Cookie Supply Chain Relay Game – a relay game to put the timeline of Girl Scout cookies from conception to selling them. The speaker was Ellison Dew (Michelin).

* WIT Trailer Simulator – a Women in Trucking trailer with interactive quizzes, videos, and a driving simulator. The speaker was Lindsay Gratton (Michelin).