From The Chaplain’s Desk

Ron Fraser, Transport for Christ President
October 2023

As God’s people proceed toward the Kingdom of God, there is a road they must travel—an elevated Road—a highway—that leads to that destination. No other road can take them to the Kingdom of God. The Bible speaks often about this highway. With lots of help from Him, God’s people should, as the expression goes, “keep it between the ditches” of that road, the most important highway of all, the “Highway of Holiness” the narrow path, that leads to eternal life.

Obviously, across the world, millions of people feel religious. Many of them come under the title “Christianity,” but have absolutely no hope of entering heaven and escaping hell. Even millions who claim to believe in Jesus believe in His life and death and resurrection. There were people like that that Jesus ran into Himself, according to the last couple of verses in John chapter 2. There were many who believed on Him, but He didn’t commit Himself to them because He knew what was in their hearts. It was a superficial kind of belief. It was a self-serving kind of belief. It lacked the character and depth and repentant attitude and full knowledge of Christ to be real saving faith.

This fact is clearly stated by our Lord in verse 21, “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven.” And He then says, “Many will say that.” This looks at the future when people arrive into the presence of the Lord and say, “Lord, Lord, we’re here,” to which He will respond, “I never knew you.” Verse 23

Scripture is clear that the only way of salvation is through Jesus Christ. He is the one mediator between God and man. He is the one Savior, the world’s only Savior. No man comes to the Father that is to God except through Him. There is no salvation in any other than Him, Scripture makes that clear. Salvation comes through faith, and faith comes by hearing a message concerning Christ, Romans 10.

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