From The Chaplain’s Desk

Ron Fraser, Transport for Christ President
July 2023

When you’re faced with real-life hurts and issues, trusting God when you don’t understand is easier said than done. It’s easy to say, “Give your cares to the Lord and trust Him” when everything in life seems to go well. It’s easy to say, “I trust you, Lord, with everything I own” when bills are paid on time, or you just got a promotion at work.

However, if God stripped you of everything you own; If God told you to leave the very job that’s paying your bills, will you trust the Lord enough to do it? Will you trust God even when you don’t understand or when life hurts? If God told you to leave the familiar and enter the unfamiliar, would you trust Him?

For many of you, God has done just that. He has taken you from what’s “oh so familiar” and redirected your paths into the unfamiliar. You don’t understand what’s happening in your life; what to do or where to go. The only thing you know is that the Lord gave you a word (instruction, a promise, vision, etc.) and the only thing you have to hold on to is that word.

So who is it you’re trusting? God or yourself?

Here is something to remember. Man is fallible; we fall short and at times we’re unable to keep our promises. Man can give you instructions that are misleading and imperfect. With God, none of these things are possible. God keeps His promises. God gives you the right instructions according to His perfect will and He won’t mislead you.

No matter how much you don’t understand life as it is right now; no matter how uncomfortable it may seem or how hard it gets, don’t give up. If God is with you—the same God who spoke life into you, the same God who IS and knows the beginning and the end, the same God who knew you before the foundation of this world is with you, then ask yourself who or WHAT can stand against you.

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