From A Trucking Outsider To A Trucking Insider

Megan Magensky, Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association Director of Communications
February 2024

I started with the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association in June 2023. Before that I worked as a morning reporter on CBS 21 or WHP-TV in Harrisburg, PA. I covered everything from politics to entertainment, but two of my big focuses became infrastructure and the economy.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I learned, like most of America, how important truck drivers are to our everyday life. I covered stories about the supply chain, barren store shelves and the truck driver shortage.

Now, from the inside of the industry, I’ve learned what trucking is really all about. 88 percent of Pennsylvania communities rely solely on trucks to move goods. Despite the trucking industry being absolutely crucial to the supply chain, it remains one of the most-regulated industries. Policymakers and state agencies continue to threaten how trucking companies operate.

If you know anything about trucking industry issues, you know there are common sense solutions. The issue is most people don’t know about trucking industry issues, and they don’t understand how impactful these issues will be to their daily lives.

That is my biggest priority as a communications director. I need to inform the general public about what’s happening in the trucking industry and how that will impact them.

I’ve been welcomed to the trucking industry with open arms, and I hope to convey the sense of pride, commitment and positivity I see from drivers and company leaders to the public every day.