FPPF – The Premium Additive Company

Steve Pollock
August 2020

BUFFALO, NY…. In 1975 Chris Lory of Buffalo, New York recognized that the quality of diesel fuel was declining.  He collaborated with scientists to develop Fuel Power, a more effective diesel additive that removes water from the fuel.  45 years later, FPPF (Fuel Power Powers Fuel) has not only stood the test of time, but it has grown to be one of the largest selling diesel additives in the world.  FPPF has been so effective that to this day its formula has never had to be altered.

Chris launched the FPPF Chemical Company in 1975 and also began developing other fuel treatment products.  In 1978 FPPF introduced Hot 4 In 1, a fuel treatment specially formulated for home heating fuels.  Over the years, FPPF Chemical Company  has developed dozens of additive products for diesel and gasoline for nearly every application from commercial transportation, marine, agriculture, home heating, bulk storage, passenger vehicles, and even lawn mowers.  Now, more than ever, today’s diesel and gasoline requires treatment to ensure that it burns properly, regardless of the application.

Even though the FPPF Chemical Company has an entire portfolio of quality additive products, they are never one to rest on their laurels, but continue to build their reputation.  “The New FPPF 2020” is reinventing some of their products, updating packaging and even offering more competitive retail pricing.  Some products have been reformulated to meet the demands of modern diesel and gasoline, while others, like Sludge Be Gone have been introduced to deal with new problems.  

As part of their ongoing quest to continually improve, FPPF Chemical Company has recently launched a new website (www.FPPF.com) that is more user friendly.  The new site is available in English, Spanish and French languages and contains a list of distributors as well.  Website users can shop products by season or input their fuel problem to receive an answer as to what product they should use to resolve their issue.

Probably the most effective FPPF product is Total Power, which treats 7 different issues.  Formulated for year round use, Total Power disperses water, adds lubricity, has an anti-gelling agent, Cetane improvers, Injector cleaners, Wax dispersant and a long term stabilizer and metal deactivator.  Total Power is a combination of the most powerful formulations that FPPF has to offer.  It combines Polar Power, Fuel Power, Diesel Injector Cleaner, 8+ Cetane Improver and a lubricity additive; giving customers protection from nearly all fuel issues and made for year-round use.

In all, FPPF offers 16 products to address any problem encountered with diesel or gasoline.  The company also has wash concentrate, aluminum brighteners, multi-purpose solvent, penetrating oil, red grease and glass cleaner.  All products are available on their website, www.FPPF.com  

You can find FPPF products at nearly every travel plaza as well as retailers nationwide.  

“For every fuel problem, FPPF has a solution.