July 2020

Coming in July – Roll Out of Vision 2020 Plan with Lots of Changes


BUFFALO, NY… Since 1975 FPPF Chemical Company has been producing premium fuel additives available internationally.  In Celebration of their 45th Anniversary, FPPF is rolling out several changes including New Packaging, New Pricing, New Programs and New Promotions.

Look for the FPPF line up in Truck Stops across the nation and through our Distribution network.  FPPF promises new content on its website (www.fppf.com) and on Facebook.  They are promoting the “BIG 5” that addresses many of the issue’s drivers face today.  The Big 5 are Fuel Power – The best year ‘round additive money can buy, Total Power – The Ultimate year ‘round additive with lubricity, injector detergent, water eliminator, cetane booster, stabilizer and anti-gel, Meltdown SOS – Emergency road treatment for gelled fuel, ABC - Air Brake Conditioner and Liquid Muscle – for engine and tank maintenance.

“For every fuel problem – FPPF has a solution.” Look for their other specialty items like Killem – an EPA Approved biocide, SBG – Sludge Be Gone, Agri Fuel, or Marine Diesel Formula. If you want more information about FPPF, visit our website, email: [email protected] or call

800-735-3773.  New Distributor inquiries are welcome.

FPPF Chemical Company, Inc. – The Premium Fuel Additive Company – Made in the USA