For Every Fuel Problem, FPPF Has A Solution

Steve Pollock
November 2019

FPPF Chemical Company has solutions for these and every fuel problem you may encounter. First, begin treating your fuel now before colder weather sets in – begin by adding FPPF’s Killem® Biocide along with a dose of Fuel Power® to kill any algae growth and disperse water that collected in your fuel tank. Continue to use Fuel Power each fill-up until the weather gets colder, at which point it would be prudent to switch to Polar Power® or Total Power®, both of which contain water dispersants along with anti-gelling agents. All of these products, except for Killem®, contain lubricity agents and detergents that will clean the carbon from the injector tips. The Killem® biocide should be used twice a year to keep the fuel tank clean of algae growth. Keeping the water dispersed year round will also be a great help in eliminating algae growth.