Fleet Air Filter -The Last Air Filter You Will Ever Need

Steve Pollock
September 2023

Located in Theodore, Alabama, Fleet Air Filters was invented to provide a high flow air filter. This company began with supplying high performance air filters to the dirt racing industry. As a result of this, in 2005, the idea of creating a high-flow washable air filter for semi-trucks came to life. Fleet Air Filters help increase power, fuel economy, air flow, all while decreasing exhaust temperatures. These filters are also 100% washable. Meaning that it will be the last air filter that you will ever have to buy for your truck. Fleet Air Filters also offers a limited lifetime warranty on all filters that are produced.

Whether you have a canister type or under the hood air filter, Fleet Air Filters have models available to replace most OEM air filters, with new models being added frequently. Fleet Air Filters offer various options including custom powder coated filters and their new Gen III High Flow Filter with a precise CNC aluminum finish. All Fleet Air Filters are washable with Dawn® Platinum Detergent. These filters are oiled based with Klotz Synthetic Foam Oil. This company recommends washing the filter every 15,000 -20,000 miles to maintain its high flow properties.

Fleet Air Filters are ideal for trucks operating on road. For offroad use, special maintenance will be required. Fleet Air Filters is now offering Cabin filters by special order. Fleet Air Filters are proudly made right here in the USA at their Theodore, Alabama factory.

Order directly at www.fleet-airfilters.com or by calling (251)-654 -0982. Fleet Air Filters are also available at Iowa 80 Truckstop, 4 State Trucks, Pittsburgh Power, and other fine retailers across the nation.