Everblades Heated Wiper Blades

January 2024

ATLANTIC MINE, MI…. Wouldn’t it be nice, when you walk out to your truck to clean off the snow some frosty morning, that you could flip a switch and defrost your wiper blades? Better yet, imagine driving in a blinding snowstorm and not having to stop to snap the snow and ice from your wiper blades!

  Fortunately, Everblades, a company headquartered in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, has developed a product

  designed to endure the worst snowstorms the Northern U.S. can dish out. In fact, Everblades continue to work in temperatures as low as -40ºF. The silicone blades are electrically heated evenly throughout the blade and a second heating element along the frame keeps the pivot points clean and working properly. Everblades reach temperatures of 240ºF in minutes, eliminating snow and ice buildup.

  Everblades are available for semis, trucks, cars, SUVs, buses, and municipal vehicles. They have been in use since 1986 by professional truck drivers, snowplow operators, municipalities, police departments, and virtually any driver who likes to see where they are going in the wintertime.

  You can place an order for Everblades online at www.everblades.com or call 1-800-746-0428 and speak to a Michigan based representative. Your order will be filled and shipped the very same day. Your Everblades Heated Wiper Blade kit will include everything you need for installation, which takes about 30 minutes, plugging into the vehicle’s existing electrical system.

For more information, visit www.everblades.com or call 906-483-0174 or 800-746-0428.