Do Truck Drivers Matter to God?

Ron Fraser, Transport For Christ President
March 2023


The interview playing over my car radio was standard fare. The host of a Christian program was interviewing a wildly popular contemporary Christian music star—little more than background noise as I drove down the highway. But then the discussion landed on the topic of serving the Lord in ministry. The musician told the listening world how his brother was once a truck driver but gave up trucking in order to serve the Lord as an assistant pastor. This drew hearty affirmation from the host, who was actually laughing at the comparative insignificance of truck driving. The music star then recounted his congratulatory words to his brother: “I always thought you had more in you than being a trucker.”

There are 5.7 million truck drivers in the United States.

I turned the interview off and silently drove down the highway, wondering, what are the truck drivers who heard this feeling right now? A superstar Christian just implied that 5.7 million truck drivers are less significant than assistant pastors.

A massive question now hangs in the air—a question loaded with profound implications for the significance of your life and vocation: "Are truck drivers—the same drivers who transport our food, clothing, building materials, and church sound systems—less significant to God?"

What about all the other occupations? Such as electricians, engineers, firemen, police officers… the list goes on and on.

The reality of the situation is this. The regular every-day occupations that a believer does are of great importance to God. The work God has given us to do was not given to us by accident. He has put us in the positions we are in so that we might have an impact on those around us and that we might be ambassadors for Him. Using every opportunity to share the gospel or to minister to the needs of someone who might cross our path. We need not question the sovereignty of God as to whether we are in the right vocation. It is no accident that we are where we are. This is the place God wants us to be. This is where He has put us to make a difference for all eternity. He speaks to us as if to say, "Live the life I gave you, and focus on making a difference right where you are at." So we live our regular everyday lives hammering away at the work God has called us to do with the understanding that He has given each of us a regular everyday life to live and our own special place where we have an opportunity for us to shape eternity.