Centramatic® – Invest In Your Truck

Steve Pollock
April 2024

ALVARADO, TX… Tires are one of the biggest expenses for a truck owner.  With steer tires running around $500 each, you really can’t afford to drive around with any of your tires underinflated or out of balance.  Centramatic® has solved the balancing problem with their permanent on-board balancing system.  Whether it is steers, drives, or even recaps on the trailer, Centramatic® will keep them all in balance, all the time as you drive – even as the tire tread wears down or mud or ice gets stuck in your wheel. 

The Centramatic® system is proved to extend tire life from 25-50% and run 8-12% cooler as well as the sidewalls don’t flex as much.  Centramatic® also balances the whole wheel assembly, including rims, drums, and bearings, which helps to extend the life of kingpins, shocks, and air bags.  You will also have a smoother and more comfortable ride, reducing driver fatigue.  There is no need to pre-balance your wheels, however you must still maintain tire inflation and alignment for the system to work properly.

Here is how the Centramatic® balancing system works: remove the wheel and install the Centramatic® Balancer on the hub assembly and studs – just be sure to allow for valve stem clearance. Put your wheel back on and you are done!  You will ever have to balance your wheel again.  The Centramatic® unit is made of galvanized steel filled with durametal shot suspended in a synthetic oil bath.  As the wheel turns, the centrifical force pushes the shot opposite the heavy side of the wheel.

Centramatic® Balancers are durable and carry a 5-year unconditional, unlimited mileage warranty and can be transferred to multiple vehicles.  One customer reports running the same set of Centramatic® Balancers for nearly 2 million miles.  The system can balance from 16-18 oz. on the steers and 28-32 oz. on the duals and drives.  Centramatic® Balancers are rim specific and models are available for semi-trucks and trailers, motor homes, school buses, and motorcycles as well as medium-duty trucks, 3/4 ton and larger, including duallys.  They even make models for super singles.  They will work for any application, including off-road and construction.

Centramatic® Balancers are proudly made in the USA.  The company was founded in 1985 and is still family owned and operated.  The balancers are available in over 2,500 locations in North America, including many of your favorite truck dealers, truckstops, tire centers, and many, many other locations.  They are sold in Europe, Australia, and Canada. Centramatic® can ship to your door.

There is nothing in the trucking industry that compares to Centramatic® Balancers, so don’t be fooled by cheap imitations.  Centramatic® is the world leader in balancing technology.  For additional information, call 800-523-8473 or order online at www.centramatic.com 

See Centramatic ® at the Mid-America Trucking Show on March 21-23 in booth #14088.