Boyle Transportation - Oriented for Success

Laura Duryea
October 2021

When developing the current orientation program, we asked ourselves several questions: What do professional drivers want from Boyle? What does Boyle Transportation want from the driver teams? What resources should Boyle provide to the professional drivers to make them successful? What training can we provide to give them the knowledge and confidence they will need to succeed? 

In asking ‘What do professional drivers want’, we identified several important areas of focus. Professional drivers want to be successful. They want to feel valued by their company and be assured that they are upholding their worth to the organization. They want open and honest communication and to know that the company will keep their word. They want to be supported when making a decision to do the right thing and protect the safety of their equipment and their own personal safety. They want to feel comfortable asking questions. They want to have clear expectations. They want to be paid well for a job well done. They want thorough training, so they have confidence to perform the job to the best of their ability. They want consistency in communications from all departments throughout the company. They want to be involved in the organization and to be asked for their opinion. 

When asking ourselves ‘What does the company want’, we realized that some of our goals are the same. We want open communication, honesty, reliability, properly trained and confident professionals, and drivers that adhere to current regulations and policies. We want our professional drivers to support each other when there is a need. We want our drivers to present themselves professionally by wearing uniforms and always conducting themselves at the highest level. We want attentive drivers who develop good driving habits and participate in personal improvement while being a member of the Boyle team. 

Through aligning our common goals of proper training, open and honest communication, and adherence to safety protocols in everything we do, we can meet and exceed the expectations of our new professional team drivers. 

Due to the specific markets we serve, we have found that virtual training is not sufficient (and too impersonal) to fulfill the needs and expectations of our new professional drivers. Instead, we had discovered that in-person training with many hands-on sessions not only keeps new drivers engaged during orientation, but also produces more confident and competent drivers. Prior to orientation, the new teams are also assigned mentors, so they have someone within the fleet to rely on if they have any questions or problems after completing orientation. Boyle provides a company cell phone and email address to each professional driver and trains them on the use of all equipment and technology within the fleet. With each orientation section, our subject matter experts work directly with the new teams to make sure they understand the material and can replicate the exercises with ease once they are released and actively completing their work assignments. 30 days after orientation and through direct communication at any time, we also ask them what we can do to improve their experience. Through this feedback, we craft new modules to fulfill the current needs of our fleet.

When drivers are treated with respect and provided proper training and resources, we create competent and confident drivers who believe that Boyle Transportation can follow through on promises. They recognize the importance of communication and know that they have the support of all departments any time of day or night. By utilizing our drivers feedback and suggestions, we are continually improving their experience so that our drivers are oriented for success.  

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