Big Rig Lending Moves Fast - Really, Really, Really Fast

September 2021

We are proud to announce Big Rig Lending’s sponsorship of The Warden for the 2021 No Prep Kings race season!

Built by mad scientists at Howe Motorsports and piloted by Jim Howe himself, The Warden is a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro powered by a Whipple supercharged big-block Hemi. After winning the 2019 Limited Drag Radial World Championship, Jim was invited to bring his machine and thirty-plus year of racing experience to drive for Team Kentucky on the 2020 season of STREET OUTLAWS: FASTEST IN AMERICA. In the upcoming season of Fastest in America, Jim led his own team for the first time. You’ll be able to see Big Rig Lending on The Warden for the upcoming season of STREET OUTLAWS: NO PREP KINGS on Discovery Channel in early 2022.

“It only makes sense that one of the fastest commercial truck lenders in the industry would team up with one of the fastest drag racers in the country,” says Chris McCoy, Marketing Manager at Big Rig Lending.

“Just like commercial truck owner-operators, Jim and the Howe Motorsports team know what it’s like to deal with unexpected repairs and downtime as they travel all over America during the race season. It’s BRL’s mission to keep hardworking drivers in their trucks and on the road, so we couldn’t be more excited to help Jim and The Warden keep on screaming down the track.”

The Warden is currently touring with the Street Outlaws Live Shows. If you find yourself near one of these events, make it a point to stop by and check it out. Not only will you get to see the best fender decal in drag racing, but you’re sure to have a blast watching the team put the pedal to the metal.

“We couldn’t be happier to have Big Rig as a partner. We’ve logged hundreds of thousands of miles over the years driving to races all over the country. That means we’ve had our fair share of breakdowns. When you spend that kind of time on the road, you spend a lot of time meeting truck drivers. Truckers are the backbone of this great country, and Big Rig is there to support them in a time of need. That makes everyone at Howe Motorsports proud to be associated with Big Rig Lending,” says Jim Howe, Jr.

Big Rig Lending loans working capital to owner-operators through their industry-leading 10-4 process. In just 10 minutes and 4 steps, you could get approved for a loan that will get you back on the road. Say you’re 50 miles away from bumpin’ the dock, and your truck breaks down? Or your insurance premium comes due, but you’re short this month? Then there’s the tax bill, which exceeds your estimate, and you need cash. No worries. Offering loans up to $25,000, Big Rig can help you take care of the problem with a commercial truck loan. We’ll keep lending so drivers can keep driving.

Howe Motorsports, led by Jim Howe, Jr., is an American drag racing team based in Crossville, Tennessee. His drag racing roots started while growing up at Crossville Dragway, once owned by his family. For over thirty years, Jim Howe, Jr. has been drag racing in one form or another. From his early days of racing cars that made a few hundred horsepower to becoming the Limited Drag Radial World Champion. In recent years you can find him competing on the Discovery Channel’s wildly popular television shows Street Outlaws Fastest in America and Street Outlaws No Prep Kings.