Bestpass – Simplifying Toll Management

Steve Pollock
August 2021

Albany, NY…. Bestpass was founded in 2001 by the Trucking Association of New York as a service to their fleet members.  It provided a system to better manage fleet tolls and by collectively grouping the fleets together as one entity to receive tolling discounts.

Much has changed for Bestpass since those early formative years.  The company has grown from 4 employees to 120 and currently has over 1.6 million vehicles using their service, not only large and small trucking fleets, but thousands of owner-operators as well.  Bestpass is now an independent company and has the largest nationwide footprint of any company offering tolling services.

There is no membership fee to join Bestpass, the company charges a nominal monthly service fee, but the members’ tolling discounts will far surpass this fee.  As most of us know, toll by plate and cash tolls charge a substantially higher fee compared to electronic tolling.  Bestpass earns two discounts for their members, one for using electronic tolling and another for being a part of a large group earning a volume discount.  These discounts also apply to toll bridges across the USA.

Bestpass also offers PrePass compatibility, with tolling and PrePass both provided with a single transponder.  If you are only comfortable with toll by plate, Bestpass can handle that as well.

Bestpass members provide a credit card or direct deposit source and Bestpass will help determine your monthly tolling needs.  A pre-determined amount of money is loaded into your account and when it is depleted to 50%, it will automatically reload.  Bestpass software helps to adjust the account up or down to be more efficient.

There are a couple of services available, first is “Complete Pass Scout” (the most popular), providing service in 100% of major toll roads across the USA. There is also Bestpass’s proprietary technology, “Horizon Scout”, which provides services for Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, South Carolina and now Alabama and California. Bestpass maintains a call center for customer assistance for state-by-state tolling.

Whether you are an owner-operator or a small or large trucking fleet, Bestpass can help you manage all your tolling services, while at the same time saving you money.  For more information, call 888-410-9696 or visit


A Bestpass employee installs a toll transponder

Transponders x2: Bestpass offers a variety of transponder options based on customer needs

Customer service rep: Bestpass employees a team of toll experts that provide a single point of access for all toll-related questions