ATHS Awards Three 2023 Academic Scholarships

October 2023

KANSAS CITY, MO…  The American Truck Historical Society announced its two George Schroyer Memorial Scholarship recipients and the Cummins Scholarship recipient at its ATHS Awards Banquet in June. Congratulations to the following:

 * Nathan Doll (Ohio), Schroyer Scholar. Nathan is the grandson of ATHS member John Doll (Ohio) and will attend Miami University to study computer science. “Computer science can be applied in several parts of the trucking and transportation industry to increase safety and efficiency,” said Nathan.

* Rebecca Sabo (Ohio), Schroyer Scholar. Rebecca is the daughter of member Brian James Sabo (Ohio). She will attend Bowling Green State University, where she will study accounting. “Every type of business needs accountants, and there are so many possibilities for accountants, so if I wanted to go into something familiar, that would be the trucking industry. My father is a horse farrier and travels around the country in trucks to transport horses,” said Rebecca.

* Rabeka Liberto (Wisconsin), Cummins Scholar. Rabeka is the daughter of ATHS member Steven Liberto (Wisconsin). She will attend the University of Wisconsin Platteville to study agricultural business. “In my area, sod and grain farms are finding themselves a niche market in the trucking industry. I am interested in applying what I learn during college to this growing business segment,” said Rabeka.

 “ATHS is dedicated to our youth who will impact the future of the trucking industry, and we hope they, too, choose to preserve the history of trucking,” said ATHS Board Chair Mark Schroyer. In addition to the two George Schroyer Memorial Scholarships and the Cummins Scholarship, ATHS is adding a new scholarship opportunity - the Lewis Semple Clark Educational Fund scholarship. This scholarship is sponsored by the ATHS Autocar Classic Group and is named after one of the central founders of The Autocar Company, Lewis Semple. “ATHS is excited to share that beginning in 2024, each of these academic scholarships will increase from $1,000 to $3,000 each,” said Schroyer.

ATHS will begin accepting 2024 scholarship applications in December 2023. Students must attend regular classes, maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and be a family member (child, stepchild, or grandchild) of a current ATHS member in good standing for two years to be eligible for the George Schroyer Memorial and Cummins scholarships. The Lewis Semple Clark Educational Fund scholarship is restricted to Autocar Company employees and family members (child, stepchild, or grandchild) with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Preference for all scholarships will be given to applicants pursuing positions in the trucking or transportation industry.

 To learn more and for more information, visit the ATHS website in December or email [email protected].