​Another Day On The Road - Driver Turns Hero

Steve Pollock
June 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 started out like any other day for Owner-Operator Brian Bucenell. Brian had just picked up a load of coke in Toledo, Ohio and pulled onto the eastbound lanes of I-80/Ohio Turnpike in his 2002 Peterbilt 379 bound for Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Brian soon heard other drivers talking about a high-speed chase taking place on the turnpike. It wasn’t long before Brian passed an Ohio State Trooper in the median and then he spotted a sea of flashing blue lights approaching in his mirrors with a blue Ford Taurus in front. With a truck in the left lane and Brian in the right lane, they approached a construction zone with a left lane closure. While entering the construction zone the Ford Taurus attempted to pass Brian, who then effectively sandwiched the car between his trailer and the guardrail, stopping the car at the 107-mile marker. The three suspects were immediately apprehended with nearly 20 police vehicles and 3 DOT vehicles involved in the chase. Police arrested 2 males and one female suspect in what was allegedly a stolen vehicle. The Ohio State Patrol chased the suspects for over 20 miles at speeds as high as 120 mph before Brian’s quick thinking brought the chase to an end.

After being thanked, congratulated and fist bumped by the Ohio State Troopers, Brian was given a police escort to the 110 mile marker to fill out a crash report and check Brian’s truck. Once at the 110 exit, one of the DOT officers said, “While we are here, let’s do a Level 1 Inspection”. The officer told Brian that he [the DOT officer} thought Brian would pass the inspection as he has a very clean truck. Brian stated, “The DOT officer did me a favor, US Bulk gives us a $200 bonus for each clean Level 1 inspection. Brian had just repainted this truck in December, but fortunately the only damage was a scuff to his tires and a scratch to his trailer. The stolen vehicle sustained minor damage as well.

The following day after the chase, a Lieutenant from the Ohio State Patrol phoned Brian and thanked him for his actions. He told Brian that he must have been grabbing some gears because they were watching the black smoke from his stacks! While Brian says that he doesn’t feel like a hero, in reality he most likely saved someone from being in a horrific car crash, including the suspects themselves. What Brian found rewarding were the comments from his fellow drivers on the CB, the thumbs ups many gave him and the occasional blast from their air horns.

Brian Bucenell has been a Professional Truck Driver for nine years and an Owner-Operator for the past 3 years. Brian has been leased to US Bulk for one year. Brian resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife Casey. Brian has a 7-year-old son, Brian, Jr. from a previous marriage. Casey and Brian are expecting a little girl, Savannah Grace.

Brian Bucenell with his wife Casey and son Brian, Jr.
Brian Bucenell’s 2002 Peterbilt 379.