An open letter to the President of the United States

July 2021

Mr. J. Biden

President of

The United States of America

Dear Mr. President,

Recently, during an interview held in the house of representatives, a member of your administration identified a collective group of American women as, “birthing people”. I shall not speak for every woman in that group but as a female and parent of three sons I now stand in my own defense.

I am the proud and loving Mother of three sons. For twenty-six years of my life, I dried their tears, saw them through illness and injuries, shared in their triumphs and guided them through their failures. For over a quarter of a century I helped shape their values and spent more than one sleepless night fearing for their youthful endeavors. I am a Mother doing what Mothers do. 

My three sons are grown and gone now with children of their own. Somewhere between then and now they stopped being children, but I am still their Mother. 

Motherhood was the finest moment of my life and quite possibly the very reason for my life. Motherhood was and remains my finest honor, my best achievement.

Do you hear me Mr. Biden? I am not a “birthing person” - the process of giving birth lasts for a few minutes or hours - the honor of being a Mother is forever. I am not the human element in some petri dish experiment. I am a Mother. I am not the humanoid in a demonstration of a baby making production line. I am a Mother.

If you still doubt my rancor over having been labeled, “birthing person”, might I suggest you pay a visit to the grave of your late beloved Mother. Read her tombstone. Are you going to replace her eternal title of “Mother” with birthing person? On your recent visit to England, you chuckled with the press when you said Queen Elizabeth reminded you of your Mother. Can you render me the same courtesy to identify me as a Mother or is that honor reserved for the chosen few?  

I am powerless to change your position on this matter or, in all probability, even get this missive past your staff members for your attention. I have no influence.  I have no political clout. But the last time I looked this is still the United States of America and I have the right of free speech - and speak I shall! 

Copies of this letter will be sent to several local newspapers, every media outlet I can think of, House members, Senators and Fox News.

Sincerely yours,

Audrey Pollock