AirDog® Delivers Pure Fuel To Your Diesel Engine

April 2020

JEFFERSON CITY, MO… AirDog® is a product that is designed to remove air, water and particulates from your diesel fuel.  The AirDog® unit is installed before the engine’s fuel pump.  When you use the AirDog® with integrated fuel pump, the unit will pull diesel fuel from the fuel tank, filter particulates down to 6 microns; all water and all air from the fuel, delivering clean, contaminant-free fuel to the engine’s fuel pump and injectors.

 By pumping fuel from the tank to the engine’s fuel pump, AirDog® will help extend the engine’s fuel pump’s life.  The pure filtered fuel will give the injectors a better spray pattern and better burns.  The end result for the truck is better performance and improved fuel economy (usually a few 10ths of a gallon).

 You will also see longer injector life.  As the entrained air causes a delay in injection timing, the injector plunger “dry fires” without any fuel to lubricate it. When you use AirDog®, you can be confident that your engine and injectors are getting pure diesel fuel free of air, water, and dirt.  With less emissions, your DPF filter will be cleaner as well.

 AirDog’s® first stage filter, that removes water and particulates, should be changed every 120,000 miles, and it is equipped with a drain.  The second stage filter, in conjunction with the fuel pump, removes the entrained air, sending it back through the return line before the splitter, ensuring equal distribution of fuel to dual tanks.

 AirDog® is compatible with all Class 8 engines and has engine specific kits for Volvo/Mack, Detroit, Cummins, Caterpillar and PACCAR.  Parent company Pureflow Technologies offers 3 AirDog® units: The AirDog®, which has a self-contained pump; and the Champ I and Champ II, that are pressurized from the engine’s high pressure fuel line.

 Here is what a few owner-operators have to say about using AirDog®:

 Joel Morrow, of Ploger Transportation, Norwalk, OH: “Honestly, I did not believe that adding the AirDog to my super downsped MACK Anthem would have any noticeable impact… I couldn’t have been more wrong. Improved low RPM performance, increased high RPM boost psi, and increased fuel efficiency… definitely a new weapon in my MPG arsenal.”

 Jamie Hagen, of Hellbent Xpress, Aberdeen, SD:  “The AirDog really helps my dog howl! With my overly aggressive downsped engine the added fuel pressure has it holding gears longer and taking its performance and economy to the next level. #NextLevelTrucking”

 Travis Lauer, of Ploger Transportation, Norwalk, OH:  “I was pretty skeptical that adding the AirDog to my D11 powered Volvo VNR would increase low RPM pulling power to the degree it has. Adding the AirDog has resulted in fewer down shifts, and improved fuel efficiency.”

  Tom R., Waconia, MN:  “Idle quality is much smoother, plus the engine (CAT C15) makes much more power from idle all the way to redline. The mileage has gone up .6 to .7 as an average, and I see 30,000 miles out of a fuel filter. Love this product!”

 AirDog® can be installed at home in about 4-5 hours, or if you prefer, it can be installed at one of the over 100 AirDog® dealers throughout the country. Units are available for diesel pick-ups as well.  Stop by Pureflow Technologies Booth #17212 in the North Wing of the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center during the Mid-America Trucking Show to see a demonstration of how AirDog® works.  To contact Pureflow Technologies, call 877-GO-DIESEL (877-463-4373) or visit