AirDog® Clears the Air on Diesel Fuel System Efficiency

March 2023

Jefferson City, MO… AirDog® Heavy Duty Diesel Fuel Systems wants to “clear the air” on what their system does to optimize efficiency of the diesel fuel delivery system. From the factory, diesel engines are equipped with a gear-driven transfer pump, which pulls fuel from the tank, most often through a frame-mounted fuel filter or fuel/water separator. Jay Armistead, Business Development for PureFlow Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of the AirDog® HD system, explains, “Whenever you have a pump pulling fuel from the tank, that pump is operating under suction, and there is not a pump on the planet that operates at peak efficiency, when operating under suction.” Suction, or vacuum, conditions allow for cavitation in pumps, and cavitation produces vapor in fuel. Armistead continues, “All gear-driven pumps have an efficiency curve, and they are designed/geared to run at peak efficiency within a certain RPM range. As the engine runs throughout a varying RPM range, as the truck runs through varying terrain, the gear pump runs in and out of its efficiency range. This is where the AirDog® comes into play.”

The AirDog® system features an integrated demand flow fuel pump, and the AirDog® pump does the work of pulling fuel from the tank, and then it feeds fuel to the gear-driven transfer pump under net positive pressure. In other words, the suction condition is corrected, throughout the engine RPM range, and there is no cavitation allowed in the gear-driven pump. In addition to providing net positive pressure to the engine pump, the AirDog® removes entrained air, moisture, and particulates from fuel, ensuring the cleanest-possible supply of fuel to the injection system.

What does all of this mean? Removing impurities, including air, water, and particulates, and providing ideal pressure, results in the cleanest possible burn of fuel, and a clean and complete burn of fuel means optimal efficiency, with less buildup in the emissions system.

Stop by Pureflow Technologies Booth #17212 during the Mid-America Trucking Show to see a demonstration of how AirDog® works.  To contact Pureflow Technologies, call 573-635-0555 or visit