Accurate Oil Analysis Sample

December 2023

For accurate results, an engine oil analysis program requires users to follow a few fundamental procedures that often don't get the attention they deserve when taking an oil sample analysis.

*         Provide an oil sample to the lab.

*         Provide all necessary information needed by the lab.  

*         Send the sample in immediately; don’t let it sit on the shop workbench for a month.

 If you take your sample as the oil is drained, it’s important to wait five seconds and catch it midstream. That way, you won't collect heavy metals or other deposits from the pan's bottom.

 Withdrawing oil through the dip-stick opening is another good way to take the sample. This can reduce the chance of outside dirt or contaminants getting into the sample and keep the oil from splattering when you place the bottle into the oil stream. However you take the sample, do it in the same manner each time to help keep your results consistent.