21st Annual Wheel Jam – “The Show MUST Go On!”

Pam Pollock
July 2024

HURON, SD… The 21st Annual Wheel Jam Truck Show was held this past June 6-9 at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds in Huron, South Dakota. 150 Big Rigs were registered and the competition was fierce for the coveted trophies. There was no Parade, which has always been a popular and favorite even with both the Professional Truck Drivers and the residents, down the Main Street in Huron this year as the street is shut down for repaving and repairs.  However, there was musical entertainment as well as the Lights at Night Show and a Truckers Meal.

18 Wheel Truck Promotions, LLC and the Wheel Jam Truck Show selected  Mike Habeck, Habeck Trucking, Belle Fouche, South Dakota, as the 2024 recipient of the Wheel Jam Truck Show Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is presented by 18 Wheel Truck Promotions LLC every year, to someone who has had amazing success in the Trucking Industry.

The Legacy Award was presented to Dawn Lorang and the Rick Marone Memorial Award was given to Kane Fiedler.

Scot Marone, owner of 18 Wheel Productions, LLC has poured his heart and soul into making the Wheel Jam Truck Show one of the premier truck shows in the USA.  One week before this year’s Wheel Jam Truck Show, it was announced that Scot had been recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which has spread to his liver.  Additionally, Scot suffered a stroke and a brain bleed.  Scot was adamant that “the truck show MUST go on!” Although he was in the hospital, his presence was very much felt throughout the weekend.  The 18 Wheel Truck Promotions crew and the Marone family worked tirelessly to make sure the show went on without a hitch.  Vendors organized benefit raffles and designed decal stickers with all of the proceeds donated to Scot to help with his medical expenses.

One of their best attractions at the Wheel Jam Truck Show has been a staple since the 1st show, the World’s Loudest Dynamic Engine Brake Competition. Scot told me last year that they had  purchased a Decibel reader for the competition after the 3rd Wheel Jam Truck Show and that’s when it became a true competition.  Prior to this year’s competition, Scot’s personal tractor/trailer combo was driven down the street at the Fairground with an escort of motorcycles and an emergency response vehicle.  Two crop duster airplanes performed a flyover as the National Anthem was played.

During our interview last year, Scot was adamant that the Drivers come first.  He stated, “Wheel Jam Truck Show is all about the North American Truck drivers and the truck owners.  We are honored to have Drivers come back to Huron year after year and to also welcome new Drivers. Wheel Jam Truck Show has the best truck drivers in the nation in attendance.  They are very professional.” 

He also had high praise for the 18-Wheel Production, LLC crew for all of their hard work in making Wheel Jam Truck Show the huge success that it is.  “We can’t do this without everyone,” he said.  He also thanked all of the Truck Drivers, Sponsors, and Vendors for their support year after year.

I had asked Scot what his future goals for the Wheel Jam Truck Show were.  His reply was simple, “Keep growing and make the Wheel Jam Truck Show the premier Truck Show in all of North America! We had a lot of post-show comments from our contestants and sponsors/vendors that this is the best show in the country hands down. So this feat should be sustainable with continued growth in the years to come.”

The Winners List from the 21st Annual Wheel Jam Truck Show:

Bobtail – 1973 & older: 1st: Roger Kirschmann

Bobtail – 1974-1984: 1st: David Voss; 2nd: Wayne and Pearl Holt

Bobtail 1985-1996: 1st: Ralko Graveson; 2nd: Ward Denning

Bobtail – 1997-2007: 1st: Jeff Lambrecht; 2nd: Matt Kunkle

Bobtail – 2008-2015: 1st: Tye VanHorn; 2nd: L&D Peterson Trucking

Bobtail – 2016-2020: 1st: Scott Feller; 2nd: James Kellogg

Bobtail – 2021-2024: 1st: Scott Feller; 2nd: All-Ways Transit

New Truck 2025: 1st: JD Concrete

Bobtail – Show Truck/Limited Mileage: 1st: PJ Brink Trucking; 2nd: Darryl Beger

Tractor/Trailer – 1973-Older: 1st: Diane Eschen; 2nd: Dennis Eschen

Tractor/Trailer – 1974-1984: 1st: Western Provisions; 2nd: Roger Kirschmann Trucking

Tractor/Trailer – 1985-1996:  1st: DelaBarre Trucking; 2nd: DelaBarre Trucking

Tractor/Trailer – 1997-2007: 1st: DelaBarre Trucking; 2nd: DelaBarre Trucking

Tractor/Trailer – 2008-2015: 1st: Kane Fiedler; 2nd: DelaBarre Trucking

Tractor/Trailer – 2016-2020: 1st: Jade Transport; 2nd: C. Larson Trucking

Tractor/Trailer – 2021-2024: 1st: Mike Hofer; 2nd: Kane Fiedler

Tractor/Trailer – Show Truck Limited Mileage: 1st: PJ Brink Trucking; 2nd: PJ Brink Trucking

Tractor/Trailer – New Truck 2025: 1st: Stan’s Inc.

Best Cabover: 1st: David Voss

Specialty Class Bobtail: 1st: JD Concrete

Specialty Class Tractor/Trailer: 1st: DelaBarre Trucking; 2nd: Danny Oswald

Best Interior – Driver’s Choice: PJ Brink Trucking

Light Show Bobtail – Driver’s Choice: PJ Brink Trucking

Light Show Tractor/Trailer – Driver’s Choice – Jesse Lambrecht

Best Fleet Bobtail: PJ Brink Trucking

Best Fleet Tractor/Trailer: Jade Transport

Best Bull Rack Tractor/Trailer: Jesse Lambrecht

Best of Aerodynamics Cab: K&J Trucking

Best Gran Hopper Tractor/Trailer: C. Larson Trucking

Best Van Reefer Tractor/Trailer: DelaBarre Trucking

Best Tanker Tractor/Trailer: Locken Oil

Best Flat Bed Tractor/Trailer: DelaBarre Trucking

Show ‘N’ Shine: 1st: David Voss; 2nd: Kennedy Olse; 3rd: Mark & Teri Lancaster; 4th: Darryl Beger; 5th: Mike Habeck; 6th: Jade Transport; 7th: James Kellogg; 8th: PJ Brink Trucking; 9th: Elton Wek; 10th: Ralko Graverson

Dynamic Engine Brake: 1st: Dallas Laube; 2nd: Jason Steele; 3rd: Todd Dovico; 4th: Jennifer Waege

Scot has built a first class truck show in the  Wheel Jam Truck Show and the show will continue to grow in the years to come.  This was very evident at this year’s Wheel Jam Truck Show. The Show went on and it was a spectacular affair.  The sentiment from everyone at the show was simple, “This one’s for Scot.” His legacy of selfless dedication and service and giving to so many others came full circle when everyone had the opportunity to give a little back to him.

If you would like to make a donation to help with Scot’s massive medical bills, an account has been made at  the American Bank & Trust in Huron, South Dakota.  You can send a check or money order, made payable to “The Scot Marone Benefit” and mail it to: American Bank & Trust, 1820 Dakota Ave S, Huron, SD 57350.