" I Love This Old Truck"

Rodney Timms 
August 2020

I might not ever be a superstar. I might not ever drive a big fancy car.

Some folks say my life is of no use. I had to put up with too much abuse. And then they say that’s just an excuse. When they themselves couldn’t have handled that much abuse.

I was born to drive these old trucks. A profession that most say just sucks.

But it’s where my heart says to stay. It don’t much matter what others say.

When you get this old trucking in your blood. You realize it’s the only thing you know and love. I

feel like I’m in control of this old trail. Regardless of what others say it smells.

It’s that old white line fever. That makes me a true believer.

I’m addicted to this old 13 speed. To be real honest it’s all I need. I

If they so, choose they can bury me in this old truck. I’ll pull over and call you when I’ve had enough. When I leave this world,I’ll still be driving a truck. On the highway to Heaven with any luck.

May God Bless all you Brother Truckers.