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​Truckers Solution – Real Solutions For Real Truckers

By Steve Pollock

April, 2018

FRANKLIN, TN… For a long time now only large fleets could get a discount on diesel fuel by volume buying at travel plazas. That’s all changed, however and now owner-operators and small fleets can receive a respectable discount as well, thanks to Truckers Solution.

Philip Fulmer, owner of a large national fleet, started Truckers Solution in February of 2011. Philip was seeking a way for small fleets and owner-operators to receive discounts on the products and services they use to operate their trucks. Initially Truckers Solutions negotiated discounts on fuel, tires and other products used by Professional Truck Drivers everyday. The more their members purchase, the larger the discounts become. The discounts are applied at the time of the purchase. Truckers Solution members can receive discounts on their existing fuel cards such as EFS, TCHEK, FleetOne, FleetCore, MultiServe, TCH and ComData. However, the company has since launched their own “Truckers Solution” fuel card in partnership with EFS. This unique card charges no start-up fees, no monthly fees and no customer service fees. The fuel discounts have been negotiated with Pilot-Flying J and are available at all locations. Drivers will receive a 10¢ per gallon discount at the pump when they fuel at Pilot-Flying J. In addition, drivers receive 10 My Pilot Rewards Points per gallon purchased during the first 90 days. The Truckers Solution EFS Card offers members $1,500 instant credit per week with no credit check and no up front cash. There is a flat $1.50 transaction fee, of which EFS keeps $1 and the remaining 50¢ is rebated back to the user each quarter.

So what’s the catch? Aside from the Truckers Solution fuel card discounts only being valid at Pilot-Flying J, there is none! Truckers Solution must maintain a minimum fuel volume with Pilot-Flying J to earn their commission, which is how they make their money and they pass along 100%of fuel discounts to their members. Joining Truckers Solution is free and the new fuel card is also free. Truckers Solution has tripled in size to 12 full time employees and membership has grown to over 3,000 Professional Truck Drivers and Small Fleets in the 1-5 truck range and with this growth, the discounts also continue to grow.

Truckers Solution has also negotiated discounts on Michelin and Goodyear tires with an average savings of $150 on each Michelin tire purchased. Truckers Solution also offers discounts on Pegasus and Transflo ELDs as well as insurance products including: liability, workers compensation, cargo damage and over and short cargo insurance. Truckers Solution is not a factoring company but partners with industry leading factoring providers.

Here are some comments from Trucker Solutions members:

Sabrina MC Neibaur: “Truckers Solution has been the best choice I’ve made as an owner operator. They are fast with their service and reliable. I’m a one-truck show and they’ve pulled through for me! I’ll be a customer for life!!! Thank you truckers Solution!!!!”

Keith Broga: Truckers Solution has always helped me with my fuel card needs. It is easy to use and keep track of my fuel spending. Tried other ones, they had fees and more fees. Truckers Solution is good for the owner operator plus they are always expanding their services. Great job Truckers Solution, I’m a satisfied customer.”

So quit procrastinating - join today and start saving! Membership is free and the discounts are free! You just have to join. For more information, log onto or call 888-241-6001.