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​To Get Into The Tomorrows, We Must Pass Through Today

By Robert Harris

August, 2017

Often when people ask me, “How are you?” I respond by saying, “I’m scared to death.” And they ask me, “What are you scared of?” And I say, “I’m scared to death that everything is going to be alright.”

Most people are scared to death that everything is going to be all wrong.

God sits in the heavens and the Holy Spirit is able to help. The world is the workshop and every day is the time of opportunity.

When we commit ourselves to the Lord and trust in Him, He will direct our paths and defeats can be turned into victories.

If we spend the energy used on worrying that things are going to be wrong and believe that through Christ all things are possible, I say to you, the outlook will be brighter.

We cannot go back to the yesterdays for they are passed. To get into the tomorrows, we must pass through today. We must use this day as a steppingstone to reach tomorrow.

Let us do our best this day, commit our ways to the Lord, believe that His path and purpose is being worked out in our daily experience and then we can say, “I’m scared to death that everything is going go be alright.”