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​Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child

By Robert Harris

September, 2019

There’s an old saying we have heard throughout the days of our lifetime: “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” This simply means to leave off correction and let the child, the person who is inexperienced, go his own way. If a child is left to himself, he is much like a vine left to grow without any training.

So, it is with a human life; it must be trained, it must be taught. Jesus said, “I will not always be with you, but I will send the Comforter, who is the Holy Ghost and He shall call to your remembrance the things I have said. He shall teach you and lead you.”

Now, many people are “spared” people. For instance, I met a man who has ugly scars on his body and asked him how these came about. He told me he had been caught beneath an automobile and dragged 100 feet. I looked at this man and said, “Sir, are you conscious that you are a spared man? A God-spared man?”

Perhaps you are, too? God has delivered all of us. He has delivered us in order that we may of service to Him, and that our lives may count for a higher plane of living.