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​Smart Powered Ultracapacitor-based 24V uSTART available soon for Heavy Equipment

June, 2019

Oneonta, NY… – Ioxus, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of ultracapacitors and energy storage products, announced today that the 24V uSTART® battery support system is now being offered as the heavy equipment industry’s only drop-in replacement product that needs no special wiring. Using two group 31 batteries in series, with one 24V uSTART in parallel, users can replace their 4D battery in heavy equipment.

The ultracapacitor-based product is designed with smart power electronics to assist in starting engines up to 50L for large off-road equipment. Using the available Smartphone Bluetooth app, once the uSTART is connected to the batteries, users can look at the voltage of the batteries, the charge level of uSTART, initiate a jump start without connecting any wires, or put the unit into maintenance mode for safe removal or repairs.

The goal of the uSTART system is to provide the vehicle with a start, no matter the condition of the existing batteries or external temperature. If the batteries run too low due to accessory loads or aged Lead Acid batteries, the operator can use the Bluetooth app from the cab to enable jump-start mode, allowing the capacitor-based system to collect energy from the batteries. The uSTART will provide the energy to get the vehicle’s bus voltage up to 24V, then provide the power the crank the engine and start. This will eliminate costly jump-starts in remote locations, saving thousands of dollars over the life of the vehicle.

By helping to boost the battery’s voltage during crank, the 24V uSTART provides unsurpassed starting reliability. This reliability in starting is displayed by increased life of the starter, as the starter will see a consistent delivery of power. Extending beyond the starter, the ECUs and other electronics will see a significant reduction in low-voltage occurrences, leading to longer component life.

The smart power electronics in the uSTART module provide voltage stabilization to the vehicle’s electrical bus. The module continuously watches the voltage to inject power when needed to maintain a smooth system voltage.

To solve problems associated with a vehicle not being started for extended periods of time, the uSTART module will automatically detect a lack of activity and place itself into standby mode. This enables the capacitors to remain charged, even if the batteries go flat, to allow the vehicle to crank and start, as long as the batteries retain minimal energy to keep the uSTART electronics awake.

The uSTART was designed with safety in mind, including safety features only offered by Ioxus. The unit can be placed into maintenance mode, and allow for initial installation as well as external vehicle jump starting, without removing the capacitor-based system or unhooking any connections. No special training is required to use the Ioxus uSTART module. The module turns itself on when it senses alternator voltage, and will turn itself off if terminals are disconnected.

The field-proven uSTART gives operators assurance their engines will start reliably. 

Mark McGough, CEO and President of Ioxus, said, “Seeing the reaction of operators fire up their equipment for the first time that uSTART is installed lets us know that they like the product. Expanding our family of uSTART products to include a 24V option is an important step in meeting the demands of our global customers and partners. We expect great customer acceptance when we release the product in the summer of 2019”

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