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​She Has The Soul Of A Mermaid…

By Pam Pollock

September, 2019

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Our family recently returned from a last-minute planned vacation to Ocean City, Maryland. We had no vacation scheduled for this year but back in June, our oldest granddaughter Mackenna expressed extreme sadness - her kindergarten class had drawn a photo and wrote what they were doing over the summer. “I wrote that I *might* go to the beach,” she said. “It’s a good thing I didn’t say I *was* going…”

Well, when I found out that, of course Gaga had to move heaven and earth to give the grandkids another memorable vacation. The ocean was calling – and we must go! Thankfully, Steve is the best husband, Dad and Pap – and although the beach is not his idea of relaxing, he gave me the green light to make Mackenna’s wish come true.

Although I can’t swim, I love the ocean. I love to hear the sound of the waves crashing. I am not a people person and get very stressed and overwhelmed when I am in large crowds. I prefer to rise before dawn and walk down to the shore. It is so exhilarating to let the water lap my feet. I watch the birds in flight as they circle the sky as the sun slowly rises from the ocean. I search for seashells and snap hundreds of photographs. I can truly relax and just be one with the water.

My favorite place is to go over to the Assateague National Seashore. I love seeing the wild horses that live on the island. We always go right before nightfall and build a bonfire on the beach. For the past two years, we have discovered the joy of ghost crabbing and much hilarity results from us chasing hundreds and hundreds of crabs with our little nets.

My grandchildren and I share vivid imaginations. We believe in fairies, unicorns and of course mermaids! The girls had a quick photo session on the beach as mermaids, which made my soul giddy with delight. We had to share the sand and ocean with too many people in swimsuits – but in our hearts, they WERE mermaids, emerging from under the sea. Declan had a King Triton merman tail, but he chose to keep his “land legs”. 

Our trip was over way too soon, but I have memories and photographs that will last a lifetime. I am so thankful that I have four amazing and inspiring grandchildren who keep me young at heart and take me along on exciting and fun adventures. The ocean called – and we answered. Keep calling, ocean, keep calling.