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​Rand McNally Adds New 2-in-1 Headphones to its ClearDryve® line

October, 2019

DALLAS, TX… One year after launching its acclaimed 2-in-1 ClearDryve® 200 headset/headphones for professional drivers, Rand McNally today debuted a smaller, lighter-weight model with additional features.

The ClearDryve® 180 – which converts from premium stereo headphones with active noise cancellation to a noise-cancelling mono headset – also features a pliable boom microphone and sound equalizer (EQ) presets for optimal listening. The new 2-in-1 device was announced today at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas. 

“This new ClearDryve® model is the most comfortable, full featured, and flexible 2-in1 yet,” said Stephen Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally. “While our ClearDryve® technology means users will experience crystal-clear calls and high-end sound, the plush, premium ear cups and high-end finishes provide superior comfort as well.”

The ClearDryve® 180 is the third in Rand McNally’s innovative line of convertible, wireless headphones. Developed specifically for drivers – from professional over-the-road trucking to ride hailing and delivery service – the ClearDryve® line includes the 200 model, which received a 2019 CES Innovation Award honor from the Consumer Technology Association, and the 50 model, a compact, value-priced headset sold at Walmart.

Developed by Rand McNally engineers and designers, in concert with audio experts on multiple continents, ClearDryve® provides professional drivers with two high-end products in one: 1) Superior wireless stereo headphones, and 2) A mono headset, once an ear cup is removed and the high-quality boom microphone is placed into position.

Key features of the ClearDryve® 180 include:

2-in-1 adaptability: A removable earpiece turns the premium stereo headphones into a mono headset. A new, pliable microphone boom – a unique bendable design with multiple encased microphones – swings out of the way when not in use and can be muted. The headset is designed to switch the mono sound from ear-to-ear as the removeable ear cups can be used on either ear, helping reduce ear fatigue.

Premium listening: Active noise cancellation tunes out ambient noise in the ear cups, eliminating the potentially harmful need to “crank up the volume” to hear. The stereo headphones provide a wired-like quality, high-definition listening experience wirelessly, powered by Qualcomm® aptX HD Audio. Beyond these features, the headphones include five equalizer presets to optimize listening for various types of music.

Clear calls: Multiple microphones in the pliable boom suppress more than 90% of external noise so callers on the other end receive crisp, clear calls.

Wireless: ClearDryve® 180 is cable-free with a built-in rechargeable battery offering more than 20 hours of talk or 20 hours of music playback time or more than 200 hours of standby time. Controls on the headphones enable drivers to take calls, skip songs, and change the volume without having to touch their smartphones. Additionally, the Bluetooth® connection allows drivers to wirelessly connect the headphones with their smartphones to enable use up to 50 feet away.

Voice assistance: The multi-function button on the ClearDryve® 180 provides one-touch access to a user’s smartphone voice assistant (Siri® or Google Assistant).

Superior comfort and finishes: The headphones feature premium stitched, oil-resistant materials on memory foam, and eye-catching matte and polished metals. The durable on-ear cups provide comfort as well as good looks.

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Federal, state or local law may restrict drivers’ use of headphones. User is responsible for complying with applicable law.