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​PITT OHIO Launches Delivery Track

July, 2019

Pittsburgh, PA… PITT OHIO, a leader in regional and national logistics services and sustainability in the transportation industry, announced today the ability for customers to track the truck carrying their freight in real time online. Shippers receive an estimated time of arrival (ETA) from the software the company has named Delivery Track.

The new application, using sophisticate data mining techniques, ties the shipment to the truck to show its location along the delivery route, providing real time ETA updates along with a graphical display.

“We focus on technology to make shipping easier for our customers,” said Scott Sullivan, PITT OHIO’s Chief Financial and Information Officer. “Delivery Track uses the latest technology advancements to allow customers to prepare for the shipment delivery. In this case, Delivery Track puts the power of the information in the customer hands eliminating back office costs by removing numerous phone calls between PITT OHIO and the customer. Using this application, shippers gain faster visibility when needed throughout the day.”

Customers will see a “Delivery Track” link on appear on PITT OHIO’s Shipment Tracing tool when the shipment status is listed as “Out for Delivery”.