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​NATSO Releases Industry Guide Addressing Top Industry Questions

October, 2019

Alexandria, VA… NATSO, representing America’s travel plazas and truckstops, released a detailed industry guide answering the top questions about the travel center industry. 

Industry knowledge can improve business performance and help operators drive targeted results. But finding answers isn’t always easy. This is why Darren Schulte, NATSO’s vice president, membership, dug into the more frequently asked questions about the truckstop and travel center industry, in this new industry guide. 

“Answers to the Top 18 Questions about the Travel Center Industry” is an essential resource for data on travel center and truckstop industry operations. The guide contains comparable data that operators can utilize to assess their own operations and better understand the competitive landscape. Operators can then use this information to improve their analysis and strategize advantageous investment decisions.

With the report in hand, operators can gain greater insight into the average sales at a full-service restaurant or a garage or service center, how much a professional truck driver spends on fuel at a truckstop, average staffing costs at a location, and specific sales and costs within a location. 

The downloadable ANSWERS to the Top 18 QUESTIONS About the Travel Center Industry is available for free to NATSO members and non-members for $250. To download or purchase the guide, click here.

The ANSWERS to the Top 18 QUESTIONS About the Travel Center Industry was produced in partnership with Travel Center Profit Drivers, a NATSO initiative that provides access to specialized, experienced consultants and the tools they have created to help travel centers thrive. Truckstop and travel center operators looking for help building or growing their business should contact Don Quinn, NATSO Services vice president, at (703) 739-8572 or [email protected] to discuss how the NATSO team can help.