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​Morgan Opens Strategic New Truck Body Manufacturing Facility In Connecticut; 13th In North America

February, 2019

Plainfield, CT… Morgan Truck Body, LLC, North America’s largest manufacturer of light- and medium-duty truck bodies, has marked another milestone in its continuing robust growth strategy. Following the recent acquisition of Multivans (Bolton, Ontario), Morgan celebrated the grand opening of its new 175,000 ft2 manufacturing facility in Plainfield, Connecticut on November 14. Morgan Corporation, with U.S. headquarters in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, is the recognized premier producer of truck and van bodies in North America.

Morgan’s new Connecticut facility is capable of supporting production of over 3,000 dry freight and refrigerated (reefer) truck bodies annually and is expected to employ approximately 140 team members. The manufacturing facility is Morgan’s 13th in the US and Canada and there are plans to add a 14th in the Midwest in the near future.

The grand opening and ribbon-cutting was attended by John Poindexter, Chairman of the Board and CEO of J.B. Poindexter & Co. Inc., Morgan management personnel, including Norb Markert, President and COO of Morgan Truck Body, who led the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and a host of State and Local officials including State Representative Kevin Skulczyck, State Representative Anne Dauphinais, and State Senator Heather Somers, plus local Selectmen of Plainfield.

Proclamations issued for the opening included a Certificate of Accomplishment, presented by the office of U.S. Senator Christopher S. Murphy; an Official Statement by His Excellency Daniel P. Malloy, Governor of the State of Connecticut; an Official Proclamation, presented by the Office of the First Selectman, Cathy Tendrich, Plainfield, Connecticut and Virginia Sampietro, Selectman; an Official Citation by the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut, in recognition of the Grand Opening of the new Morgan facility; a Congratulatory certificate presented by the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut, and a Certificate of Membership in the Chamber.

“Morgan continues to set revenue records, so the need to increase capacity, as well as locate production closer to our customers, is an important part of improving customer service,” stated Norb Markert, Morgan’s President and COO. “We’re excited for the opportunity and the value this plant will offer our New England-area customers.”

The new manufacturing facility is located at 85 Moosup Pond Rd in Plainfield, CT, approximately one hour east of Hartford.

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