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​John Dixon

By Robert Conrad

September, 2019

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There’s something about the classic styling of the Peterbilt 359 that sets it apart in any crowd. Peterbilt Motors definitely hit a home run with this iconic model that inspires custom truck builders even today. 

Massachusetts native John Dixon came across his 1986 359 EXHD, and even though it was in bad shape & about to go to the scrap yard, he knew he wanted to save it and someday restore it. He’s done that and then some for the past 3 years and the results speak for themselves in our photos! 

John has done all of the restoration work himself except for the fabrication of the custom 8-sided “octagon” stacks, they were built by DCS Custom Fabrication out of Cedar City, Utah. DCS owner Dallas and his crew built these for John, and they are the first set they’ve ever fabricated. John says Dallas was great to work with and the stacks definitely give the truck a unique look. 

John has redone everything on this fine 359 except the motor and transmission, which are still running strong helping him deliver all types of equipment both big and small. Power comes from a 7 FB CAT engine that’s paired with a 15 speed O/D transmission. The truck also has Rockwell SQ 100 rears on an air leaf suspension. 

John says that he’s hauled a number of interesting pieces of army equipment, including a MIG 17 fighter jet. 

Custom touches include an old school bumper, double round 359 headlights, a “clean” cab roof with extra lights, painted tanks, and a custom deck plate. Polished, ribbed full fenders cover the rear tandems and lead to the custom rear light bar. 

John has been driving since he turned 21, and with 23 years of steering & gearing under his belt, he definitely has trucking in his blood. He credits his grandfather, John J. Dixon, for influencing him and giving him the fever. Mr. Dixon staring driving trucks in 1948 while he was in the army and then drove chain drive dump trucks for Brookline Ice & Coal. John started out on his own in 2004, following in his grandfather’s footsteps, and he’s been going strong ever since.

From driving his own truck, to repairing trucks & equipment in his shop, to even filling seats at other companies in between his own loads, John Dixon is definitely trucking 24/7! Movin’ Out would like to salute all of John Dixon’s hard work and his great restoration of this 359, by choosing him as our September Working Show Truck of the Month.