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​Eliminate Your DPF Regen Problems

By Steve Pollock

April, 2017

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Do you suffer from DPF Anxiety? The fear of your truck derating or having to replace your diesel particulate filter? There is a new product available that can help cure DPF Anxiety. Enerburn® from JKG Fuel Solutions is a unique diesel additive that will improve DPF Regen performance or your money back.

What driver wouldn’t like to experience fewer DPF regens and/or lost driving time due to DPF parked regens or shop time for cleaning? Enerburn® is a “fuel combustion catalyst” that enhances combustion in the cylinder, creating additional combustion heat during the power stroke for a cleaner, more complete combustion burn that effectively reduces soot emissions by up to 70%.

Enerburn® works two ways. First, by producing a more complete burn of diesel during the power stroke and second, by lowering the burn temperature of the remaining soot. The normal burn temperature of soot in the diesel particulate filter is 1,150º. The average regen burns at a temperature of 1,200º. Enerburn® lowers the burn temp of diesel particulant matter to about 800º. “Soot” will burn off passively and more thoroughly under normal driving conditions with much less need for active, on-board DPF regeneration or “parked regens”. This saves the driver both time and money for the extra diesel consumed.

Enerburn® allows the engine to perform at optimal levels. Multiple independent laboratory and field tests conducted under controlled conditions have proven that Enerburn® improves the efficiency of ANY diesel engine by 5-12%. Most drivers see an increase in their fuel economy that is more than enough to pay for their use of EnerBurn.

Are you already using a diesel fuel additive? Then you should know that EnerBurn also contains both a lubricant additive and a fuel stabilizing additive so the user does not have to use multiple fuel treatment products. EnerBurn is also an extremely effective “algaecide”, meaning it kills off any microbial contamination in the fuel lines and tanks, a definite bonus.

Enerburn® is a great alternative to DPF deletes which have the distinct downside of regulatory penalties. Unlike DPF deletes, EnerBurn won’t void engine warranties or impact vehicle trade-in value. Those owners of newer engines with SCR or “DEF” systems can expect to see less usage of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF); this can translate to several pennies per mile additional savings.

It all adds up; Enerburn’s return on investment (ROI) is 100% in 3-6 months of use through better fuel economy and 300-500% annually through reduced maintenance costs associated with high particulate levels. Remember, particulants affect other components beyond the DPF, including turbochargers, EGR valves and sensors, and higher soot levels in the oil.

Although Enerburn’s benefits are obvious for newer engines, it will also enhance performance and maintenance costs on older engines. Scheduled DPF maintenance is still recommended as there will still be accumulated ash from metal impurities and other contaminants. If operating in cold climates, drivers should still use an anti-gelling additive.

Here are some testimonials from Professional Truck Drivers and fleet owners using Enerburn®:

“My engine is running like new within one week of using Enerburn…Engine performance is most important to me. My 2012, DD15 465 hp engine runs like new since I started treating my diesel fuel with Enerburn one week ago. I was looking for a fuel treatment product that would prevent the pre-mature failures of the EGR/DPF/SCR components when I found Enerburn®. I am now confident that those components are staying free of soot build-up. But the dramatic improvement in acceleration and my truck’s ability to maintain 75 MPH while topping a 5-mile long hill at 3% grade loaded to 77,000 lbs GVW are making driving fun again.” - Randy Morton, Owner-Operator

“I have been using Enerburn for 18 months. The first 6 months was in a 2008 Peterbilt 389 with a Cummins, and the last 12 months in a 2012 KW T-660 with a Cummins. I began using Enerburn because of the constant Regen issues my truck was having. While I did get increased fuel economy, that was not the reason I started using Enerburn.

Within 7-10 days I no longer had the “hot exhaust gas light” come on every time I stopped, so I knew the truck was not wasting fuel with an active regen while I drove. After an additional 6-8 weeks using Enerburn the power, fuel economy, and performance of my truck was better than brand new!

I have not had a parked regen in 8 months, and like many other drivers I get 1-1.5 MPG better than without Enerburn. I want to say that if Enerburn did nothing to improve my MPG that I would still use it because I can budget for bad fuel economy but I can’t budget for a tow bill and a visit to the dealer for a forced regen.

As an O/O I no longer worry about Regen issues. I can drive like I don’t have a DPF and not worry about spending thousands of dollars on DPF related repairs”. - Rusty Stender, Owner-Operator

“My 2009 Cat has re-gened only twice over last 29,000 miles with Enerburn. My 2009 Caterpillar engine had over 968,000 miles and was recently rebuilt when I started using Enerburn. I started out with a clean DPF and a new ARD head. The first thing I noticed was a smoother, quieter engine and better engine performance, then the MPG started to increase from 6.3 to 7.6 by the end of the first two months of using Enerburn. I am now seeing 8.0 mpg for the first time ever on this truck and have had to do only 2 manual regens in the last 29,000 miles since using Enerburn. My fuel savings is 4X the cost of Enerburn over this same period.” - Craig Minty, Owner-Operator

“We are 100 percent satisfied with Enerburn. Our fleet of 2012, 2014, and 2016 Freightliners with Cummins ISL engines runs mostly short haul deliveries. Before finding out about Enerburn we were having to call Freightliner mobile service out for assisted regens about once per week. It’s now been six months and we have yet to experience any repeat issues with the engines or DPF exhaust systems. We are 100% satisfied with Enerburn.” - Gordon Wick, Fleet Manager, Bayshore Oil & Propane

“Detroit Diesel gave my 2015 DD15 engine a clean bill of health! I own a 2015 Freightliner Cascadia and have been using Enerburn since April 2016. The initial odometer reading was 243,000 miles and the engine oil had just been changed. After the first 20,000 miles of using Enerburn the engine was running like new. I also noticed that the coolant temperature was 9-10 degrees lower and the oil from the next oil change was much cleaner. The engine went from using half a gallon of oil between changes to none at all. At 310,000 miles, some 67,000 miles later the Certified Detroit Diesel service shop inspected the engine, DPF, and related components and said the system was remarkably clean and free of soot. They gave the engine a clean bill of health and said it looked like a brand new engine.” - Kelvin Kendricks, owner operator

“Enerburn made a big difference in my 2011 International MF-13. I was having to do a parked regen after every 800 miles or so. I started adding Enerburn at 358,773 miles. The next parked regen was required 398 miles later at 359,171 after 14 hours idle, then 3,404 miles later at 362,575 after 11 hours idle and that was the last parked regen required so far. My odometer shows now 370,817, another 8,242 miles and counting. I’m doing fracking in West Texas so on average I’m using PTO about 1 1/2 hours per day and with high temperatures a lot of idling to keep cool. Can’t tell about the fuel mileage due to differences to longer hours of idle and different terrain I’m working at.

The Enerburn so far made big difference and I’m loving it.
I would like to add, right before l started to use it, for a week l had code recurring regen problems. I was told to leave the truck at dealership to check the problem, instead l started using Enerburn and two days later code light went away and never come back so far. Thanks for everything,” - Marek Hendowski, Owner-Operator

“EnerBurn is improving the cash flow of my business. The fuel economy of my 2016, DD15 has gradually increased from just above 6 MPG to just under 8 MPG in the first month based on the ECM dashboard readout. I am also using less DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid); I was having to add 5-8 gallons of DEF per day, now the same amount lasts for 2 days. My DPF was having to regen after idling overnight every night; now I can go 7 nights between regen’s.

I was going to try to trade this truck at the earliest opportunity, now I am planning to keep it for at least 5 years.” - Pedro Fuentes, Owner- Operator

Until EnerBurn I had tried everything. I purchased my 2012 IH Prostar with a MF-13 engine at 300,000 miles in June 2015. The DPF was constantly calling for a parked regeneration. At 350,000 miles I had the DPF cleaned and the back-pressure sensors replaced in hopes of improving the DPF regen performance. I had to use personal savings to pay for these costly repairs. Four months later I was having to manually regenerate the DPF every 300 – 350 miles. I tried another Brand Name fuel additive product and it did not help much. Then I found out about EnerBurn and was very interested to also try it. After I started treating my fuel with EnerBurn at the recommended dose I went ~950 miles before the next regen was indicated by the dash board light. Now I am at 3,450 miles and counting.

I pick-up and deliver loads to the Port of Baltimore and my runs range from short-haul to long-haul; if I don’t cover 250 to 300 miles per day, I cannot turn enough loads to make money, so not having to stop to do any manual or parked regens means a lot for my business. I am now making enough to pay myself back for the DPF repairs and still have something leftover.

Thank you, Jane at JKG Fuel Solutions, for helping me with EnerBurn.” -

Hakan Aslan, Owner-Operator

Enerburn® is registered and approved by the EPA and has passed reviews by CARB (California Air Resource Board) as well as being endorsed by DPF manufacturer Mann-Hummel. All collected data about Enerburn® was obtained through independent testing lab results. To see what Enerburn® can do for your truck, you will have to try it for yourself.

Enerburn® is available in packs of 4-ounce and 16-ounce bottles as well as 1-gallon and 5-gallon jugs. One (1) gallon of Enerburn® will treat 2,500 gallons of fuel. To order, contact JKG Fuel Solutions at 612-209-3079 or order online at

JKG Fuel Solutions will be at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. See them at Booth #68189 in the West Wing of the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center. JKG Solutions owner Jane Gates will be glad to answer any questions you may have about Enerburn®