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Drivewyze Releases eBook: “Secrets Behind the Weigh Station”

October, 2019

DALLAS, TX… Drivewyze, a leader in connected truck solutions and provider of PreClear weigh station bypass service, recently released “Secrets Behind the Weigh Station,” an online eBook that provides fleet managers with a better understanding of how weigh stations operate. The 19-page booklet also provides information on how fleets can become better prepared when working with law enforcement. The booklet is available for download off the Drivewyzewebsite:…

“Secrets Behind the Weigh Station” provides details on the latest weigh station technologies, such as thermal imaging, automated readers, Weigh in Motion (WIM) sensors, among other tools, and how they help law enforcement officers determine the level of inspection necessary. 

Another section, “Myths Busted and Questions Answered” helps dispel myths surrounding weigh stations and answers frequently asked questions, such as “how do officers choose which vehicles are inspected?” And, “Do officers have quotas?”

“Secrets Behind the Weigh Station” also offers “Tips and Tricks” to help drivers avoid unnecessary detentions and inspections through establishing good relationships with law enforcement officers.

“The booklet helps ‘bridge the gap’ between law enforcement officers and fleet managers and their drivers,” said Brian Mofford, Drivewyze vice president of government experience. “Our goal is to instill a deeper-understanding of what really takes place at weigh stations, provide insight and transparency while also providing tips on how to work with law enforcement to ensure a good working relationship. We feel the eBook is a great tutorial, which can help lift the fog as to how weigh stations operate.” 

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