Magazine / Pacifico Reflections

  • No Strings Attached

    Mike McGough
    November 2019
    Her grandfather purchased land with the modest pension he received as a result of injuries suffered during the Spanish-American War in 1898. The family hunted and fished on the land, and there was a small cabin near the top of the mountain. There ...
  • Bad Talk

    Mike McGough
    October 2019
    She was a nice enough person, but she engaged in more than her share of negative talk. Her family had gotten used to it over the years, even though it was still bothersome. Her friends, at least the ones she had not put off totally, had learned to ...
  • Modern Gladiators

    Mike McGough
    September 2019
    In many ancient societies gladiators provided a common form of entertainment. The ancient battlers either fought each other, or engaged in combat with wild animals. In either case they were fighting and in most cases suffering for the entertainment...
  • Happy Mid-Year

    Mike McGough
    August 2019
    What do eleven pounds lost; 30 minutes of walking three or four times a week; a credit card debt cut by a third; three chapters written; one grad course done; five new clients; long-overdue medical, dental, and eye exams completed or scheduled; atten...
  • Faux Pas Credits

    Mike McGough
    July 2019
    Have you ever noticed that some people seem to enjoy very resilient social and interpersonal relationships? They make mistakes, they get into embarrassing situations, and they’re responsible for social blunders, but for some reason, their social an...
  • Five Minutes

    Mike McGough
    June 2019
    He always keeps things in perspective. Good or bad, happy or sad, easy time or tough time, his outlook is essentially positive. As a senior associate and mentor, he is a solid role model for those who work with him. He is an expert in his field. ...
  • Little Stones

    Mike McGough
    May 2019
    By any standard it was an ordinary garden. You could say it was your garden-variety garden. It started with a pile of dirt left over from excavation needed to build a small garage. Not having any place to put it, he decided to level it off and let...
  • Complainers

    Mike McGough
    April 2019
    We've all met them, put up with them, endured them, been annoyed by them, chuckled at them, found them bothersome, and at times acted exactly like them. They are complainers. Regardless of the time, the place, the situation, or the circumstance, t...
  • Details

    Mike McGough
    March 2019
    Her health had been failing and her prospects for survival did not look good. Doctors from around the country all offered the same grim prognosis. Even though her husband had become a captain of American industry, he stood beside her all but helple...
  • Get Out Of Your Own Way

    Mike McGough
    February 2019
    Life is filled with obstacles. Some are real and some are imaginary. They can be big or little barriers that keep you from doing what you want to do, or at minimum, they are impediments to progress that frustrate you along the way. When you push t...
  • Stuffed Green Peppers

    Mike McGough
    January 2019
    A two-tone blue Studebaker in the driveway meant he was in town. Visits with Grandpa were great, but dinners when he came to town were not so great! Stuffed green peppers, endive salad, green beans and ham, stewed tomatoes and a host of other kid-un...
  • Take A Hike

    Mike McGough
    December 2018
    The hike was to take them through both familiar and unfamiliar terrain. They were all experienced hikers. They were confident in their skills, but because they were going to venture into new areas they hired a guide. Anytime he guided a group for ...
  • One Bad Horse

    Mike McGough
    November 2018
    The Homestead Act of 1862, the first of several such acts, opened up millions of acres of lands to homesteaders. Millions of Americans had the chance to grow and expand in the new lands of the west. There were also a host of difficulties and challeng...
  • Tying Their Shoes

    Mike McGough
    October 2018
    The first day of school was always special. As a kindergarten teacher, she was welcoming them into a new world, a world that would prepare them for the rest of their lives. There were always some tears, sometimes more from the parents than the kids...
  • Home Fries And Jokes

    Mike McGough
    August 2018
    For more than an hour, we had been discussing a manuscript that was in the midst of the editing phase of development. I appreciated my friend and colleague’s editorial advice and counsel both personally and professionally. His suggestions were sp...
  • Gloomy Gus

    Mike McGough
    June 2018
    He was reasonably well educated, enjoyed an upper middle-class lifestyle, and engaged in the typical range of professional and social activities in his community. He was a family man who had worked himself up through the ranks of local and state gov...
  • Big Trees

    Mike McGough
    May 2018
    It happened during a late winter storm. The tree had been a sturdy pine that would have easily measured more than 100 feet. Now it was a mass of bent and broken branches that covered about a third of their backyard. They had just moved into this h...
  • Goats And Thoroughbreds

    Mike McGough
    April 2018
    As the racetrack’s stable manager, he oversaw the stable hands, and when needed he recruited and trained new ones. He liked this phase of his job, and he was good at it. His experience served him well, and his affable manner made it easy for him ...
  • Two Bears

    Mike McGough
    March 2018
    His first trip to Alaska was during his freshman year of college on an ecological expedition for an environmental biology course. He fell in love with the place and promised himself that he would some day own a piece of this paradise. In time he di...
  • Conversational Grenades

    Mike McGough
    February 2018
    It was a large industrial plant with several unions representing different groups of workers in the plant. At times there was subtle competition between the unions over representation, but generally they respected their individual spheres of tradit...