Magazine / Pacifico Reflections

  • Their Neighborhood

    Mike McGough
    October 2021
    The nine houses in this cul-de-sac were the first nine built in what was planned to be a massive development.   Shortly after these initial nine were completed, there were some long and protracted legal complications over zoning and some questions a...
  • R U O K ?

    Mike McGough
    September 2021
    Theirs was a small rural community.  The church on the hill, was the largest building in town.  It was also the social center of the town.  There were no local industries.  Aside from the folks who ran a local general merchandise store, a small r...
  •  Brother Friendly

    Mike McGough
    August 2021
    The day started out warm.  By mid-morning it was hot.  By noon it was sweltering. The humidity was a sticky match.   This was yet another in a stretch of similar days.  A local pastor seized the moment.   He offered a humorous yet poignant remin...
  • Nails

    Mike McGough
    July 2021
    It started in a trench in the Argonne Forest during the Great War in 1918.  As each day passed, he drove a nail into a beam that supported the sides of the trench he was in.  There was little he could do to end the fighting, nor could he ever set r...
  • Work

    Mike McGough
    June 2021
    As an OTR trucker, she spent a good deal of time on the road.  From her vantage point behind the wheel, she had a unique view of the world.  Because she covered a rather wide area that included five states, that view was pretty broad.  She once sa...
  • Fried Eggs

    Mike McGough
    May 2021
    She lost her job in the economic crash of 2008. She had few options, but she knew the nursery business. She was good at it, so she decided to start a small operation of her own.  The first year or two was slow, but by the third year, she had built u...
  • Big Deals

    Mike McGough
    April 2021
    For a multitude of reasons, we often miss the big things.  By the time we realize how big they are, they have passed.  We frequentlymiss them because they come dressed in common garb.  Their arrival is not heralded by a brass band, and no one has ...
  • Moving On

    Mike McGough
    March 2021
    The year was 1954. Polio was a threat, a disabler, and a crippler.  In some cases, it was a killer.  The mere mention of the word struck fear into the hearts of parents.  Annual outbreaks became common after World War II, and each year they seemed...
  • It’s Not Binary

    Mike McGough
    February 2021
    He pictured himself as a middle-aged man, but he knew he was old.  He also believed that age was more a state of mind than a state of physical being.  He was active and busy.  He was fully engaged in his life.  Being on time was not a strength fo...
  • No I, Me, Or My

    Mike McGough
    January 2021
    Several people wanted the position.  He wasn’t well known beyond where he had lived, ran a small store, served as postmaster, and practiced law. His education was meager.  He paid his bills and supported his family, but he was not a man of means,...
  • Snickerdoodles

    Mike McGough
    December 2020
    Kindness is always welcome, but sometimes it’s just so special that it makes you want to go out and do something kind in return.  You’re immediately left with the feeling that you need to pay it forward.   Kindnesses such as these generally com...
  • Petty Politics

    Mike McGough
    November 2020
    They were all ages, their educations were unique and difference, their experiences wide and varied.  They represented a broad range of professions and careers.  Their interests were numerous and often very deep.  By personality they were what one ...
  • Challenges And Opportunities

    Mike McGough
    October 2020
    Although the words challenge and opportunity may appear to be somewhat opposite, they are actually closely tied.  The outbreak of Covid-19 has demonstrated the interrelatedness of these words in harsh and unmistakably clear terms. For some the chall...
  • The Art Of Being Wrong

    Mike McGough
    September 2020
    She was starting the first of a five-year surgical residency.   On that particular Monday morning she was attending her first grand round. In addition to the other four surgical residents in her class, there was the hospital’s chief resident, a ge...
  • Sea Legs

    Mike McGough
    August 2020
    He entered World War II after high school.  He enlisted in the Navy for the duration and six months. He was discharged in the spring of ’46.  Although he was happy to be headed home, he quickly found that he missed being on the open sea.   After...
  • Lincoln’s Return Visit

    Dr. Michael McGough
    June 2020
    Standing just outside of the David Wills House on the square of Gettysburg, is a sculpture titled Return Visit. In this life-sized work of art, sculptor J. Seward Johnson, Jr. features Abraham Lincoln and a contemporary visitor to Gettysburg.  Linco...
  • New Normal

    Mike McGough
    April 2020
    The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 started shortly before 8:00 AM when the first wave of planes struck.  The assault of the second wave was over just before 10:00 AM.  Within two hours, the world had changed in ways that most Americans ...
  • ​Windy Days

    Mike McGough
    March 2020
    It was one of the windiest days in recent months. Trees that still had some leaves swayed rather briskly as the winds hit them. It was cool. The wind made it feel almost cold. Leaving his house, he headed north for a short distance. The wind was...
  • A New Year’s Mission

    Mike McGough
    February 2020
    His New Year’s resolutions, like most everyone else’s, were always well intended, and like most other folks, he began the year working to turn his resolution into a reality. However, and once again like most other folks, he soon lost interest in...
  • Friendly Advice

    Mike McGough
    January 2020
    From time to time you, like most people, someone offers you some words of friendly advice. It often comes on the heels of a phrase like, “I thought you ought to know. . .” or “I just felt the need to tell you that . . .” Some of this advice...