Magazine / Pacifico Reflections

  • Consumer Ready

    Mike McGough
    March 2023
    If someone is willing to do your work for you, let them.  That is unless you’re really committed and what to be responsible for that work.  One common inducement for letting others do your job or a portion of it, would be if letting them could sa...
  • Another Wasted Day

    Mike McGough
    February 2023
    She began her career with a solid education that provided the hard skills of essential knowledge and nursing practices.  For the next forty-eight years she stayed current, and that enabled her to be a good nurse.  She and those she served were bles...
  • Thankfulness

    Mike McGough
    January 2023
    Covid was still a matter of worry and fear. Gas prices were high and looking to go even higher, serving as a constant reminder that a recession was an ever-present concern. The political climate in the country was brimming with animas, mass shootings...
  • What’s the Rub

    Mike McGough
    December 2022
    Although his general health was fine, his knees weren’t what they once were.  He had surgery to repair his one knee.  After a month off, he was cleared to be back on the road.  He was given certain cautions by his physical therapist, and she off...
  •  Skill Set or Profession

    Mike McGough
    November 2022
    He didn’t particular like heights, so it was a bit of a surprise to his parents when he developed an interest in helicopters.  When he heard one flying over his house, he ran out just to see it.        Fixed-wing aircraft interested him, but ...
  • Captain Happy

    Mike McGough
    October 2022
    He got his first boat in 1969; he named it Miss Tina.  It was old, needed lots of work, and was small.  He was young, somewhat handy when it came to fixing things, and she was big enough to get him started.  For the next seven years he and she wer...
  • Because That’s What I Do

    Mike McGough
    September 2022
    It all started with a box of crayons and a piece of butcher paper, when he was a high school junior.  He and his family were on vacation in Cape May.  They were at dinner at the Filling Station, a restaurant that specialized in fried chicken.  Mea...
  • Ikigai

    Mike McGough
    August 2022
    As a child he was forever building something.  Lincoln logs were a perennial Christmas gift.  He played with them so much he wore them out.  One year he got a Lego set for his birthday.  On the shelf in his shop, he still has a little building b...
  • My Stop

    Mike McGough
    July 2022
    He was new to the company, and she was assigned to help him learn his territory.  They were sales reps for a national electrical supply manufacturer.  Their region had been growing in recent years and the decision was made to split it in half.  Th...
  • Voices

    Mike McGough
    June 2022
    Over the past five years, political frictions, social issues, and a lingering pandemic have taken a toll on their unity.  You’re either with one or the other faction.  Some have definitely aligned themselves, but most haven’t.  Those who haven...
  • Empathy & Opportunity

    Mike McGough
    May 2022
    He started working for the company right out of high school.  His childhood and youth were complicated by an alcoholic mother and a father he never knew.  He was never arrested, but he was close more than once.  He wanted to quit school during his...
  • Cellphones And Personal Choice

    Mike McGough
    April 2022
    Even though he’s had a cell phone for years, the technology continues to fascinate him.  Being able to contact almost anyone, from almost anywhere, almost anytime is a marvel that isn’t lost on him.  He’s old enough to remember telephone part...
  • The Best Listener

    Mike McGough
    March 2022
    His was one of the earliest units mustered into service during the Civil War.  He answered the call to serve in mid-May of 1861, at a group enlistment in what would later be Central Park in Johnstown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania.  He enlisted with...
  • Wearing A Smile

    Mike McGough
    February 2022
    She was starting a four-year surgical residency.   On that particular Monday morning, she was attending her first grand round.  On this morning the group she was with included four other surgical residents, the hospital’s chief resident, a profes...
  • Everybody

    Mike McGough
    January 2022
    The Roaring Twenties was a grand time.  The war to end all wars was over, flappers were flapping, the economy was booming, major motor companies couldn’t make cars fast enough, and speakeasies were selling contraband alcohol by the barrel.   Then...
  • Good Days

    Mike McGough
    December 2021
    As a home inspector, he spent a good deal of time on the road and interacting with clients.  He liked his work, and he was good at it.  He appreciated a good day’s work.  He learned early on in life that he couldn’t always control the encounte...
  • Walk the Walk - Spaghetti

    Mike McGough
    November 2021
    Her day started off well.  The coffee was hot, the donuts were fresh, and she enjoyed the company of the four other drivers in the breakroom.  The weather was clear, so she was looking forward to another pleasant day on the road.  Over the past 31...
  • Their Neighborhood

    Mike McGough
    October 2021
    The nine houses in this cul-de-sac were the first nine built in what was planned to be a massive development.   Shortly after these initial nine were completed, there were some long and protracted legal complications over zoning and some questions a...
  • R U O K ?

    Mike McGough
    September 2021
    Theirs was a small rural community.  The church on the hill, was the largest building in town.  It was also the social center of the town.  There were no local industries.  Aside from the folks who ran a local general merchandise store, a small r...
  •  Brother Friendly

    Mike McGough
    August 2021
    The day started out warm.  By mid-morning it was hot.  By noon it was sweltering. The humidity was a sticky match.   This was yet another in a stretch of similar days.  A local pastor seized the moment.   He offered a humorous yet poignant remin...