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  • Optimized Idle

    Fernando DeMoura
    June 2020
    There was a time when “Please remove Optimized idle!” was written on almost every work order that came across my desk. Once I learned how to disable the optimized idle feature in a DDEC that was all I did with it. I’d listen to stories from fru...
  • Being Prepared

    Fernando DeMoura
    April 2020
    What’s worse than being stuck somewhere and not being able to find toilet paper?...  Being stuck somewhere and not being able to find a part for your truck. I used to think a Ford dealer not having a starter for a 7.3 Powerstroke would be about as...
  • Safe Temperature Operating Ranges For A DDEC ECM

    Fernando DeMoura
    April 2020
    I’ve got a toddler who likes pushing buttons and if it’s a glowing button, a button on a touch screen display or a button that controls a TV that’s even better. What better way to learn what that button does then to push it right? That’s all ...
  • ​Don’t Be The Cheapest Option

    Fernando DeMoura
    March 2020
    I was a guest speaker at the Kevin Rutherford CMC seminars from 2009 to 2013. I didn’t just teach while I was there, I learned. These classes were as much about business as they were about trucks. Kevin would say “Don’t be the cheapest option...
  • ​ECM Shipping Damage

    Fernando DeMoura
    February 2020
    I’m no shipping expert but my daily routine usually starts with a stack of shipping parcels, each packed with one or more DDEC ECMs. Over the years I’ve opened thousands of shipping parcels and shipped out thousands more and sometimes I get quest...
  • ​A 2020 New Year’s Resolution

    Fernando DeMoura
    January 2020
    The beginning of January is a good time to take a step back and look at what can be improved. For most of 2019 when peoplewould call about purchasing one of our in-house rebuilt DDEC III or DDEC IV replacement ECMs I told them we were sold out,but I ...
  • ​Cruise control, high idle and Jakes - What your DDEC III or DDEC IV requires before it activates these functions.

    Fernando DeMoura
    December 2019
    Almost all DDEC III and DDEC IV ECMs have the hardware to support high idle, cruise control, and engine brake (Jake) functions and most DDEC III and DDEC IV ecms set up for highway applications already have these functions programmed in. If your DDEC...
  • ​Cold Starts, Rough Idle, And The DDEC Oil Temperature Sensor

    Fernando DeMoura
    November 2019
    The start of October is usually warm in Pittsburgh but by the month’s end I’m back to plugging in my block heater. I buy the nicest 1500w block heaters I can find but I consider myself lucky if I can get more than two winters out of a starter. Be...
  • ​How OLDCART Can Help You And Your Tech Find Problems

    Fernando DeMoura
    October 2019
    In last month’s article I mentioned that communication between the operator and the technician can be beneficial to diagnostics and ultimately fixing the problem but sometimes it can drop the efficiency of the job and end up making the job more exp...
  • ​Doing Business In Good Faith

    Fernando DeMoura
    September 2019
    My first job in the diesel industry was at a small service shop along the Allegheny River just north of Pittsburgh. At the time I had around 18 credits of undergraduate legal and business classes under my belt so I knew some of the basics as to how.....
  • ​Paying a repair bill for a junk part is a hard pill to swallow.

    Fernando DeMoura
    August 2019
    Last month I had to give up on a DDEC IV repair. I had almost 18 hours of work in it but the deeper I went the worse it got. The circuit board was delaminating. The adhesive holding the layers together was breaking down and the layers were peeling ...
  • ​How The Wrong Injector Trim Codes Can Damage A Cylinder

    Fernando DeMoura
    July 2019
    Those of you who’ve read my old articles know I’ve written about injector trims before but the short of it is this. When a 1994-2006 Detroit injector is flow tested a 2-digit trim code is stamped on the injector. This code needs set in the ECM so...
  • Diesel Control

    Fernando DeMoura
    June 2019
    Years ago, I’d think about what it was going to be like to be a dad one day. I figured it was all about setting an example and passing on as much knowledge and experience as I could. I would share my perspective of the world and teach my children t...
  • Diesel Control

    Fernando DeMoura
    May 2019
    Memory failure is a common issue in any computer that’s over 20 years old, DDEC ECMs are no exception. One of the calls I got last month about a 2012 reman DDEC with a memory problem. The conversation started off as many do. “The dealer flashed ...
  • ​Heat and ECMs

    Fernando DeMoura
    April 2019
    The last three articles I wrote have been about dealing with the heat created when an engine makes power. Heat or extremes in ambient temperature can be a problem for ECMs as well. The DDEC III and DDEC IVs are often used in military applications a...
  • ​The More Fuel, The More Waste Heat Part 3. Preventing The Exhaust Manifold From Cracking

    Fernando DeMoura
    March 2019
    I’ve worked on a few projects with some owner operators who run marine HK cams and injectors whose goal is to run a Series 60 between 700hp and 900hp. That’s a lot of fuel and a lot of heat to deal with. One of these owner operators is on his fo...
  • The More Fuel, The More Waste Heat Part 2. Keeping The Pistons Cool.

    Fernando DeMoura
    February 2019
    The most common question people ask me is how much horsepower a Series 60 can tolerate. For today I’m going to talk briefly about one of the many factors that play into that question. Last month I talked about how charge air volume and density ca...
  • ​The More Fuel, The More Waste Heat Part 1. The Cooling Effects Of Charge Air And Boost

    Fernando DeMoura
    January 2019
    The most common question people ask me is how much horsepower a Series 60 can tolerate. Most expect I’ll give them a one or two sentence answer, and I try to, but I could write a book on how complex the answers actually are. Maybe one day I will. ...
  • ​Is Your DDEC III Series 60 Throwing A Fit At 1800 Rpm? The Cause Might Surprise You.

    Fernando DeMoura
    December 2018
    About 8 years ago I was part of a team whose focus it was to power a 389 glider with a 12.7 Series 60. Back before harnesses with converter boxes came to market this was something that as far as we knew hadn’t been done before. Our local Pete deale...
  • ​Excessive Current Draw From ECMs: Is Your ECM Draining Your Truck Batteries?

    Fernando DeMoura
    November 2018
    My daily driver for the last 10 or so years has been a 99 F350 with a 7.3 and a 6-speed manual ZF6 transmission. A CD player, a couple dials, some toggle switches, a few extra gauges and a rubber floor are about all I’ve got inside the cab. I love ...