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  • We Often Lose In Our Struggles Because We Have Quit Trying

    Robert Harris
    February 2023
    We are in a world where people try hard to achieve.  Most of the time they are defeated because they give up too quickly.  “Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee the crown of life.” Many a man has given up the race just before he re...
  • With Him With You, You Can Go Anywhere

    Robert Harris
    January 2023
    As you work in this life, don’t run away from other work that appears, for it brings you to the best completed job.  It’s another way of saying that life is made up of parts. When all the parts are brought together to the finished product, we ar...
  • Jesus Christ Is The Light Of  The World

    Robert Harris
    December 2022
    We have day and night, suffering and comfort, joy and turmoil.  These are opposite one from another.  Someone has said, “I suffer from pure comfort.” Necessity is the mother of invention.  When something is needed, somebody will bring it up. ...
  • What Kind Of Head Should You Have?

    Robert Harris
    November 2022
    One preacher said his congregation was composed of figureheads, soreheads, deadheads, and hotheads.  A congregation of that type of people can never get anything done for God, for they are always fighting amongst themselves.  Think about it. There ...
  • Wise Words Often Joined In Form Of  Short Sentences

    October 2022
    Our world has ways of grabbing our attention.  Some of the things that are used are loud things.  Great noises.  The blast of a trumpet or the shout of some human being.  Other times our attention is gained by that which is long.  In other words...
  • God Takes Care Of  Believers

    Robert Harris
    September 2022
    Suspense is an uneasy feeling about something you want to see happen or something you think will happen. Oftentimes we wonder why we have to deal and battle with this particular emotion. Well, sometimes God lets us have suspense that we may learn to ...
  • Help The Person Who Is Coming Behind You

    Robert Harris
    August 2022
    Many people want to hear good songs and be lifted in spirit through music.  The only thing is that most of us depend on someone else to make the music and rhythm of life for us and we miss a great blessing right there. The Bible teaches that the spi...
  • Lonely Road May Be Only Road

    Robert Harris
    July 2022
    Jesus taught that a person should go into a closet and shut the door and pray to the Father, which in secret and the Father who seeth in secret, Himself shall reward thee openly. So many people fail in the public because they were failures in the clo...
  • Don’t Get Sidetracked

    Robert Harris
    June 2022
    There are many people who start off on the main line but simply get sidetracked and never recognized what has happened. A real physician does not treat disease, he rather treats the patient.  How can we avoid getting on sidetracks and getting off co...
  • Hindrances Give Us Strength And Develop Us As We Grow

    Robert Harris
    May 2022
    Many times, when a man is in a race, he has to leap over the goal line.  In the path before him are stumbling tones and barriers of all kinds.  We wonder sometimes when we would like to make more progress why we are met with so many hinderances.  ...
  • Resurrection Crowning Moment In Christ’s Life

    Robert Harris
    March 2022
    The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cardinal teaching of the New Testament, and it is the crowning piece of the life of Christ. While Jesus was on earth, He met many people who opposed Him.  Some who were open and some who were secretly against ...
  • Live Life Courageously

    Robert Harris
    March 2022
    Going through life is a necessity.  You can’t go back! All that’s left is to go on.  Many people do not have the heart to go on, or, if they do, they go in faintheartedness.  Faintheartedness proves to be a faithless heart. We are told to be f...
  • Give Flowers While They Live

    Robert Harris
    February 2022
    An undertaker was called back to a home where he had delivered a body to be kept overnight before the funeral. When he reached the home, a family member asked, “Will you help us to put Daddy back into the casket?” The undertaker asked, “What’...
  • A Truth To Realize When Watching The Moon Of Abraham

    Robert Harris
    January 2022
    Frequently in conversation with others, they say to me, “In times like these it is difficult.” Or “I’ve never seen it just as it is right now.” Well, there is a little marvelous truth right here that I need to pass onto you.  In times like...
  • God’s Promise Brings Peace, Joy

    Robert Harris
    December 2021
    Everyone is looking for some good word to encourage their heart.  Oftentimes we search hither and yon, and our search turns out to be fruitless. We hear the same old things over and over.  We hear the same jokes.  We hear the same greetings and sa...
  • Time Is Limited, So Use It Wisely

    Robert Harris
    November 2021
    Jesus Christ told Simon Peter that he would deny Him three times before the cock crowed thrice.  Simon Peter did exactly that.  Three times he denied the Lord as knowing Him as a friend or a Savior. When Jesus was crucified, Pontius Pilate placed a...
  • Man Is Still Searching For Peace

    Robert Harris
    September 2021
    The words “peace” and “piece” sound much alike but they are far apart.  The word “peace” means collected, settled, having all ill-at-easeness removed and having calmness in spirit, a calm after the storm.  Peace is settlement down withi...
  • Individual Kindness

    Robert Harris
    August 2021
    It has been said that “a man is great only as he is kind.”  This is short saying, but it reaches across a lifetime.  The mistake with many of us is we have spasms of kindness rather than a continuance of kindness.  And for some of us is easy t...
  • It Is The Little Things That Change Your Life

    Robert Harris
    July 2021
    The average person is looking for one event to either get him up or get him down.  He missed this because he does not see the realism of life. Some things happen suddenly, but ups and downs take to themselves a general form.  A little now and a lit...
  • God Decides How Long Oil Shall Burn

    Robert harris
    June 2021
    An elderly person confined to a rest home had become very depressed.  It seems he had lost all sense of joy and victory. On one occasion when the festivities were high, a little girl asked, “What does all this mean?”   He said, “This is what ...