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  • Individuality Is All Important

    Robert Harris
    September 2020
     An old saying goes, “Every tub sits on its own bottom,” which is another way of expressing that we are individuals in this world. We are living in a day when they are trying to stamp out individualism and everybody wants to do things in a compl...
  • Life Can Be Very Strenuous

    Robert Harris
    August 2020
     A man who rides a horse knows what we are talking about when we talk about riding with a slack rein. Life can be too strenuous.  You can put yourself into your own straight jacket and you can try to pile more into the bag of life than that particu...
  • Mankind Should Respect The Seasons

    Robert Harris
    July 2020
     The Bible teaches that we should respect the seasons.  For instance, in the First Psalms, it is said that the righteous man “shall bring forth his fruit in his season and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.” But the mistake many of us make is t...
  • Anonymous Prayer Is Tremendous

    Robert Harris
    April 2020
    People in every generation usually say the same thing, “I asked God.”  Many people unknown by name have prayed tremendous prayers and received tremendous answers. An unknown prayer once prayed, “I asked God for strength that I might achieve. ...
  • Make The Most Of Today

    Robert Harris
    April 2020
     We hear of all kinds of schemes, plans and projected offered to us for better living, only to find out that people do not grow better, rather, they grow worse. It has been said, that for better living, a man should fancy his deathbed and its profit...
  • ​It Pays To Remember That Time Moves On

    Robert Harris
    March 2020
    It seems useless for a spider to try spinning his web on the hands of the town’s clock. Time moves on. There’s something said about the spider in the Bible, it simply says he gets into the King’s palace. He has more wisdom than to try spinni...
  • ​Broken Heart And Contrite Spirit Pleasing In The Sight Of the Master

    Robert Harris
    February 2020
    Within this life you can find very few people who are clear in their thinking. When a man is not clear in this thinking, he cannot be clear in his explanations or in his expressions.Someone has said, “If the original is not clear, no copy can be....
  • ​Don’t Let Loved Ones Starve For Appreciation

    Robert Harris
    January 2020
    Often, we hear of people who are starving to death. Some of the fundraisers bring us pictures of children afflicted with malnutrition and they show to us skeletons with skin stretched over them. And they touch our sympathy and cause us to open our...
  • ​God Is With Us – Even Till The End Of The World

    Robert Harris
    December 2019
    Threats and promises often go together. We have the threat of sin, its penalty and its punishment. We have the promise of God’s forgiveness and the fullness of His blessing. The sin question has to be settled. No man will turn from his sins unt...
  • ​Jesus Christ: Handyman To Humanity’s Broken Souls

    Robert Harris
    November 2019
    A little boy made this statement one day: “If there’s anything broken in heaven, when my Grandpa gets there, he’ll fix it.” That grandfather had instilled in the mind of that child his ability to put together things that had gotten out of w...
  • ​Your Steps Should Lead In A Different Direction

    Robert Harris
    October 2019
    A little boy was converted by reding the New Testament. One day his dog tore a page from his New Testament. The boy told his preacher about the dog eating the page, explaining that he was worried.The preacher said, “If that dog can eat other beas...
  • ​Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child

    Robert Harris
    September 2019
    There’s an old saying we have heard throughout the days of our lifetime: “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” This simply means to leave off correction and let the child, the person who is inexperienced, go his own way. If a child is left to ...
  • ​Success Should Be For Everyone, Not For Selfish Purposes

    Robert Harris
    August 2019
    Every man in this world would like to be successful. I don’t believe I have ever met a man who wanted to be a failure. Success and failure depend upon what a person is willing to do. The Bible says, “If ye be willing and and obedient, ye shal...
  • ​Song Asks: “What On Earth Would You Do For Heaven’s Sake?”

    Robert Harris
    July 2019
    I heard this question in the form of a song. I began to ponder its depth to see if I could find some good answers. “What would I do on earth for heaven’s sake?”First, I must consider how I am to gain heaven. How can I be saved? So, on earth...
  • ​Faith Is Absolutely Essential

    Robert Harris
    June 2019
    The fisherman must use the cork to make sure he knows when a fish strikes his hook, the cork is used for various and sundry reasons.In the religious world and especially in Christianity, faith is the substance of things hoped for, it is the evidence ...
  • ​Wise Words Often Joined In Form Of Short Sentences

    Robert Harris
    May 2019
    Our world has ways of grabbing our attention. Some of the things that are used are loud things. Great noises. The blast of a trumpet or the shout of some human being. Other times our attention is gained by that which is long. In other words, that...
  • ​Man Is Blessed At The Cross

    Robert Harris
    April 2019
    Often you hear people say, “The circumstance bugs me or people bug me, or various things happen that causes me a lot of trouble.” In a periodical, there is an advertisement under the title, “Sure Kill”. This advertisement promised people a ...
  • ​God Cares How Much We Care

    Robert Harris
    March 2019
    We shed our tears from eyes that cannot see, so dark as we must walk, we cannot know we can only care. God rewards not for what we know, but how much we care. Do you care for Him? He once said, “If you will confess me before men, I will confess y...
  • We Often Lose In Our Struggles Because We Have Quit Trying

    Robert Harris
    February 2019
    We are in a world where people try hard to achieve. Most of the time they are defeated because they give up too quickly. “be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee the crown of life.”Many a man has given up the race just before he reache...
  • Man Is Still Searching For Peace

    Robert Harris
    January 2019
    The words “peace” and “piece” sound much alike but they are far apart. The word “peace” means collected, settled, having all ill-at-easeness removed and having calmness in spirit, a calm after the storm. Peace is settlement down within...