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Beemac Trucking Marks 35th Anniversary

By Steve Pollock

August, 2019

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BEAVER, PA… A 35th Anniversary celebration was held on June 26th by Beemac Trucking at the historic Beaver Train Station in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Beemac employees enjoyed hors-d'oeuvres, drinks and fellowship to mark the occasion.

Beemac was founded in 1984 by Rick Macklin with a single truck. The company has grown to 244 employees and over 450 trucks. Beemac has enjoyed substantial growth in the past 3 years and is ranked number 19 on Transport Topic’s 2019 Top Flatbed/Heavy Specialized Carriers List. Beemac has also earned numerous local and regional awards for their service to the trucking industry, as well as to their local community.

The event was officiated by Beemac’s Director of Talent Acquisition and Development Chuck Kuzniewski and included comments from Beemac executives and Beaver County Commissioner Dan Camp. Beemac Logistics’ Chief Commercial Officer Mike Ceravolo stated, “I have never been more excited about the future of our organization.”

Beemac President Loren Dworakowski, who joined Beemac in 2009 remarked, “I am grateful that Rick (Macklin) gave me the opportunity to join Beemac. As we grow, we will strive to create additional opportunities for our drivers and employees.”

CEO Rick Macklin began his commentary by stating that “35 years ago I would have never thought that Beemac would grow to be the company it is today.” Macklin talked about the changes that 35 years have brought, the most significant being communications and technology. He said that 1984 was a world of beepers and maps, evolving into bag phones and faxes with thermal paper. Rick started as a freight agent for a flatbed carrier before acquiring his own authority and starting Beemac Trucking. The company had to overcome many adversities over the years, which Rick attributes to his drivers and employees. “I have been lucky to hire great people and blessed to have their talents at Beemac Trucking. We are poised for a successful and prosperous future. Our growth has also been possible by maintaining great relationships with our customers, some of whom have been with us for 20 years or longer.”

Primarily a flatbed carrier, the Beemac family of companies includes: Beemac Trucking; Beemac Logistics; Beemac Port Services; and BeeGreen CNG Fueling Station. The company motto is “Relationships Move Loads.”


Beemac Trucking CEO Rick Macklin

Beemac President Loren Dworakowski